American Express® vPayment

Built for Control

Less time on paperwork. More time for growth. Introducing the virtual payment solution that simplifies the supplier payments process so you can spend more time on your business.

Process efficiencies through a straightforward, user-friendly digital payment solution with transaction level controls and enhanced data capture

With Virtual Payments from American Express, you can streamline your payment and reconciliation process and get greater control over your company’s spend. Assign a single-use Account number to a transaction, project, commodity or staff member, set specific pre-authorisation amounts, date ranges, and transaction details with a virtual payment solution designed with your business in mind.

Why American Express® Business vPayment?

Maximise Control

Determine payment setting for how the Account number is used while linking payments to expenses for automated reconciliation.

Save Money

Reduce paperwork and billing errors through a streamlined payment process whilst creating efficiencies across the payment lifecycle by automating.

Save Time

Pay vendors quicker with specific-use payments that enhance and grow supplier relationships.

How does American Express® vPayment work?


Set parameters

Choose from up to 20 customisable fields such as cost centre, job code, requisition number, event number and project code.


Create Virtual Account Number

The American Express @ Work® platform enables you to generate a single-use or multi-use Virtual Account Number for the transaction.


Process payment

The supplier charges your American Express® vPayment Account.


Verify payment

The virtual payment processing platform verifies the transaction. If all the parameters are met, the transaction is approved and the payment is initiated.

Start your American Express vPayment application

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Frequently Asked Questions

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