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What interest do I pay on my Card?

Charge Cards

You pay no interest fees with American Express Charge Cards. You simply pay your balance in full each month.

Credit Cards

The amount of interest depends on:

The Credit Card interest rate.

The amount you spend.

When you make your purchases.

When you pay your bill.

Your statements detail your purchases and the amount of interest you have been charged for the specified period.

You can avoid interest payments by choosing to repay the full balance by the date specified. You can view your balance and your payment due date by logging into the American Express® App or your Online Account. A payment due date will be generated once your statement is available.

Set up an Online Account

If you don’t already have one, set up an Online Account here. You can also download the Amex App here to manage your Card Account.

You can find more information about Credit Card interest here.