Ways to Pay





Pay the way that's right for you

You can make purchases with your American Express® Card in a variety of ways.

No matter how you choose to pay, you'll enjoy the same world-class service, security features, benefits and rewards.


Contactless Payments

Quick and secure, contactless is an easy way to pay on the go. You can make safe, no-touch payments whenever you see the contactless symbol in store.


Mobile payments

Making mobile payments with your American Express® Card is safe and easy. You can also link your Card to a mobile wallet to make payments over the contactless limit.


Chip and PIN

Simple and secure shopping with your American Express® Card. Discover everything you need to know about using and managing your Card PIN.


Express List

Create your personalised Express List for faster checkouts online by adding your preferred online sites, while getting the same American Express security.


Click to Pay

Click to Pay is a quick and secure way to make online purchases with your American Express® Card. Make purchases quickly without having to fill in your details each time you check out. 


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Purchase Protection**

We know that every purchase matters to you. That's why, whatever you buy with your American Express Card, we cover it against loss, theft or damage for up to 90 days** with Purchase Protection.

**Timeframes are dependent on location. Subject to enrolment, to learn more visit here.

Emergency Card replacement

Card been lost or stolen? Don't worry. We'll get a replacement to you usually within two working days**. Added your Card to your mobile wallet? We'll update your new one instantly in your mobile wallet, too.

Travelling Abroad

Whether you're venturing to Aberdeen or Australia, you can continue using your American Express Card and still enjoy best-in-class servicing and 24/7 support.