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Take it easy with American Express® contactless payments

Pay with a single tap using your contactless Card






What is contactless?

Contactless is the quick, easy and secure way to make payment of up to £30 with your American Express Card - whether
you're buying coffee, a sandwich or even a train ticket. Simply touch your Card to the reader, wait for the beep and you're done.

Contactless is just as secure as Chip and PIN, and you're covered by the same fraud protection and guarantees.





How to use your contactless card?



Step 1:


Check your Card has the contactless symbol




Step 2: 

Check the shop or the reader displayed the Amex and contactless logo




Step 3:

Touch your Card on the reader




Step 4:


Wait for the confirmation
beep - it's as simple as that






What can you buy with contactless?


A cup of coffee

Your grocery shop

A petrol top-up

Anything £30 or less


Where can you use American Express®  contactless?

You can use your contactless Card at any of the thousands of retailers that display the American Express®  contactless symbol.




Contactless mobile payments

Link your American Express®  Card to your mobile

device to make convenient, secure payments on

the go - even when you don't have your Card

with you.




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FAQs about contactless