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Now it's more important than ever to support small businesses. American Express is proud to back small businesses all across the country - learn more about the campaign below.

Step 1: Save Offer to Your Card

Shop Small is dedicated to supporting small business owners.


That's why from 22 June - 13 September 2020 we'll be giving our Cardmembers £5 back when they spend £10 or more in participating small businesses. Valid once per location, up to 10 times. Get started by logging into your Account below and enrol!


Step 2: Start Shopping

Use the Shop Small map as a guide to find participating small businesses near you, that you can support. Please contact businesses directly to check they are open.


If you're a small business, keep your details up-to-date so our Cardmembers can easily find you on our interactive map.


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Refer a friend

Not an American Express Cardmember but would like to get involved in Shop Small?


For reward points, lifestyle benefits or business use, there’s an American Express® Card that’s right for you.

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Shop Small Merchant Support 


Whether you're already up and running, hoping to open soon or waiting for the right time to welcome customers back to your business, we've got your back.


If you are already an American Express accepting business you can also use Live Chat below. Alternatively, find out how you can get involved by calling: 0800 032 7216.


*Subject to eligibility criteria


Resources for Small Business Owners Navigating COVID-19 


We have developed a range of new resources in our online portal to support small businesses like yours.


These resources include templates you can use for your business, website or social media to keep your customers informed about your latest status - whether you are modifying your hours, temporarily closing your doors, or directing them to your website. You'll be able to order more stickers and signage to help you get back to business safely and responsibly, whenever you're ready. As well as how-to marketing videos, merchant offers and more.


Explore our educational articles below for small business owners that can help during this challenging time.


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About Shop Small


Want to learn more about the Shop Small campaign? Where did it begin? What is different this year? Click the button below


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Become a Shop Small Ambassador


Download and share the images below on your social media with the #ShopSmallUK to show your love for small businesses.


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Terms and Conditions
  • These Shop Small Offer Terms set out the key terms of our Shop Small Offer. Please make sure you read these together with our general Offer Terms which contain important qualifying conditions that you should read. If any term set out below is inconsistent with the general Offer Terms, the term below will apply. 

·       This Offer is available until 23:59 UK time on 13/09/20 (the “Offer End Date”).


·       This Offer is only intended for UK Cardmembers who are the targeted recipients of this Offer.


·       To participate in this Offer, you must save this Offer to your qualifying American Express Card and make a qualifying purchase from a participating UK small business before the Offer End Date. 


·       In addition to the types of Cards excluded under the general Offer Terms, purchases using Pre-Paid Cards will not qualify for this Offer. 


·       This Offer only applies to purchases in Great British Pounds on the Card to which the Offer is saved. This includes purchases using a Card loaded into a mobile payment wallet.


·       This Offer is only valid for purchases made on-site at UK small businesses that are participating in our Shop Small Offer. Purchases made online from a small business’ website will not qualify for this Offer. 


·       To view participating UK Shop Small locations please visit the Shop Small Map . Eligible locations will be highlighted with a Shop Small badge and the map will be filtered to ‘Shop Small’. 


·       Small businesses listed on the Shop Small Map may change and your ability to redeem Amex Offers may be affected during this challenging time because of changes in some small businesses’ operations, such as reduced hours or suspension of in-person shopping, dining or services. Business location and other information provided on the Shop Small Map may contain errors. The operating hours and services provided on the Shop Small Map may vary. Please contact businesses directly to check they are open. We reserve the right to change or cancel this Offer at any time.


·       To qualify, a purchase must be for at least £10. Buy now pay later purchases are excluded from this Offer. Please see the general Offer Terms for more information about excluded transactions.


·       If you make a qualifying purchase, a £5 statement credit will be applied to your Card. You can receive up to 10 statement credits per Card, but only one statement credit per participating small business location. Multiple purchases made in a single purchase transaction will only qualify as one purchase for the purposes of this Offer. When we calculate how many qualifying purchases have occurred, we will not include purchases made by any additional Cardholder(s). Purchases made by an additional Cardholder will qualify for this Offer separately where the additional Cardholder saves this Offer to their Card and makes a qualifying purchase from a participating small business before the Offer End Date.


·       Qualifying purchases must be billed to your Card Account by the small business before the Offer End Date. If the small business does not charge your Card before the Offer End Date, your purchase will not qualify for this Offer.


·       In the case of lodging, travel or car rental you must make your booking, and your Card Account must be billed, before the Offer End Date.


·       The statement credit should appear on your Card Account statement within 5 days from the date you made a qualifying purchase but may take up to 90 days from the Offer End Date. Please refer to the general Offer Terms for information about when statement credits can be lost. 


·       A statement credit may be reversed if a qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled. Any misuse, as reasonably determined by us, relating to your redemption of American Express Offers or any previous American Express Offers and promotions may result in a statement credit being reversed, and ineligibility from future American Express Offers and other promotions. This reversal may take place up to a maximum of 180 days after the Offer End Date. 


·       By saving the Offer to your Card, you agree to all our Offer terms.