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How to apply for a Card?

How to apply for a Card?

All the information you’ll need to apply for an American Express Credit Card and Charge Card.

Applying for a Card

Am I eligible for a Card?

To apply for a personal Card in the UK you need to meet certain eligibility criteria. To save time you can use the following checklist:

  • I am aged 18 or over
  • I have a current UK bank or building society account
  • I have a permanent UK home address
  • I have no history of bad debt

Some of our Cards may require different criteria in order to be issued. You may need to provide additional details in order to complete your application.

Once you’ve decided which Card  you wish to get, you can apply online. Make sure you read the detailed information and then use the 'Apply now' button to start the Application Process. You will also be able to decide how you'd like your name to be displayed.

Your application takes less than 10 minutes to fill out and we may be able to give you a response in less than 60 seconds.

Want to check your likelihood of being approved prior to submitting a formal application?

It only takes a few minutes to find out if you are eligible with our online Eligibility Checker tool. It won’t affect your credit rating and you can find out quickly whether a formal application is likely to be approved.

Check your eligibility

Application Process

What do I need to apply for a Card?

When you submit your Card application you will be asked for the following information:

  • Personal information: including your name, email address, date of birth and nationality.
  • Contact details: including your phone number and current address. If you’ve lived at your current address for less than three years, you will also need your previous address.
  • Financial information: including your annual personal income and any other household income, your employment status and employer contact details, as well as how long you’ve been with your bank or building society.

Having all of this information to hand before you start your application will make your application process smoother.

How do I apply for a Credit Card or a Charge Card?

Once you have chosen a Card, read the Terms and Conditions, then click the ‘Apply now’ button on your chosen Card page to begin your application.

The Card application takes less than 10 minutes. You’ll be asked to input the personal and financial information outlined previously, after which you can review a summary to ensure that all the information you’ve provided is correct before submitting your application.

When considering your application, we will ask a credit reference agency to carry out a credit assessment.

If you have any additional questions about this process or need further assistance, please contact our team on 0800 032 7642.

What is a Credit check?

When you apply for a Credit Card or a Charge Card, your application will undergo a credit check which includes an evaluation of your credit history. 

A credit check is the process undertaken by American Express to ensure you are able to meet the obligations of a Credit or Charge Card contract. Generally, it means looking at:

  • Your ability to repay
  • Your financial responsibility
  • Your chance of defaulting, not paying back your debt
  • Your credit history

Learn more about Credit Score

How do I choose a Card

How do I choose a Card?

We provide a range of UK Credit Cards and Charge Cards that offer various rewards and benefits. Whether you want to collect points, get cashback, enjoy travel rewards or premium entertainment and lifestyle experiences, American Express has a Card for you.

When searching for a Card, you should take time to consider the fees and possible interest charges, as well as how much you can afford to repay each month.

Find a Card that will complement and reward your lifestyle by selecting a type of Card.


Frequent Flyer Cards

Enjoy points for flights.
With the ability to earn Frequent Flyer points or Avios points on practically every purchase and often additional travel benefits like lounge access, complimentary travel protection and 24/7 global Card support.

Some of our Featured Cards

Credit and Charge Cards Explained

Has talk of interest, annual fees, rates and percentages left you feeling confused?

Our simple Credit and Charge Card guides are a great place to start.

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American Express Benefits


Your security and protection are our priority. Our technology has been designed to give you peace of mind when using your card

Learn More about Fraud Protection


Access to our customer service is available 24/7 by phone, text or email.

Learn More about Customer Service


Contactless is the quick, easy and secure way to make payments - Simply touch your American Express Card on the reader, wait for the beep and you're done. What's more, with Amex pay and Apple PayTM you can even pay with your phone.

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Explore Our Credit Cards

American Express Offers a range of Credit Cards with different rewards and benefits tailored to your lifestyle and interests.

5% cashback will be payable to you by us on all your purchases made in the first three months up to £125. Introductory offers are not available if you currently hold or have held any other Platinum Cashback American Express Cards in the past six months. Any cashback from introductory offers will be credited to your Account in your card anniversary month. Your Card anniversary month is the one month period each year following the date on which your Account was opened. Cashback is not earned on Balance Transfers, Cash Advances, American Express Travellers' Cheques, Foreign Exchange transactions, interest, any spending in excess of your credit limit, charges for returned payments, late payment or referral charges and American Express Credit Card finance charges. You will earn cashback at the rate of 0.5% cashback at warehouse retailers in the United Kingdom. You can find out which retailers we treat as warehouse retailers by checking the FAQ section of our website (

Terms and Conditions apply. Please see the Insurance Terms and Conditions for full details. Please read this to understand the limits and exclusions that may apply.