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Personal FAQs

How to read my statement?
Click here to know more on your statements.

How do I access my Card Account online?
Yes, you can check your card account online, by registering for Online Services. Registration is easy and free. Register for Online Services.

How do I make payments towards my Card Account?
You can pay by any of these convenient methods :

  1. National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) – National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) system is a nation wide funds transfer system to facilitate transfer of funds from any bank branch to any other bank branch. NEFT can be used for making payment of any amount (no minimum / maximum ceiling) from any location in India subject to the condition that the remitting and beneficiary bank branches are NEFT enabled. Presently more than 44638 branches of 85 banks are participating in NEFT across India.

    For making payment through NEFT, the Cardmember can either login to his netbanking account and submit his payment online through the NEFT mode where the following details need to be updated for the beneficiary in whose favor the funds are to be transferred.

    In case he does not have a netbanking account, he can visit his bank branch and fill up an NEFT Application form in which the following details need to be updated for the beneficiary in whose favor the funds are to be transferred:

    NEFT IFSC Code SCBL0036020
    Name of the Beneficiary:AEBC Card number 37XX XXXXXX XXXXX.
    Name of the Bank & Branch:Standard Chartered Bank
    Address of the Branch:Narain Manzil, 23- Barakhamba Road,New Delhi 110001
    Account TypeCurrent
    Account No.52205899087

    The payment will be credited to the card account within 2 working days after the payment is submitted by the Cardmember.
    Remember to make your cheque/draft payable to "AEBC Card No. 37XX XXXXXX XXXXX"
  2. Online – Pay your Card bill, online anywhere anytime in three simple steps. Just log on to Click on ‘Pay your bill now’. Fill in your Card details and the bank account from which you would like to make the payment.
  3. Direct Debit – You may also enroll for direct debit each month from your Bank account and credit the Card Account with the total amount due in the monthly statement through the Electronic Clearing System (ECS introduced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  4. Crossed Cheque / Draft –Please make your crossed cheque/draft payable to AEBC Card No. 37** ****** *****. Please mention your name and contact number on the reverse of the cheque. You can send your cheques/drafts via these 2 methods:
    • Drop Boxes – For locations, Please refer to
    • By Mail – Please send your payment to American express Banking Corp., Cyber City, Tower C, DLF Bldg No. 8, Sector 25, DLF City Phase II, Gurgaon – 122002.

When Making A Payment Via The American Express PayBill Functionality:

What information will I need to set up the American Express PayBill Service on my Card Account?
You will need a payment mandate which you can get by visiting this link or you can arrange for the mandate to be posted or emailed to you by calling our customer services centre on the number on the reverse of your card. You will also need to provide a cancelled cheque with the mandate when you post it back to the address specified on the mandate.

Can I set up more than one bank account to use within the American Express PayBill Service?
Yes. You can set up different bank accounts for different American Express Cards. However, there can be only one bank account for any particular card account.

Can I make payments to all my American Express Card Accounts and lending products using the American Express PayBill Service?
Most Cards with us are eligible for the American Express PayBill Service. There may be some exceptions with Corporate Card Products. If the Payment Centre indicates your Card is not eligible, please contact us by calling the number on the back of your Card for full details.

Will I receive confirmation of my enrolment in the American Express PayBill Service?
Yes, you will receive a letter informing you when your bank account has been registered for the American Express PayBill Service.

Will I receive a payment confirmation number?
Yes, you will receive a payment confirmation number for each payment you submit.

When can my first payment be made after enrolling in the American Express PayBill Service?
You will need to wait 21 days after the update of your details before your enrolment becomes active. We will send you a letter after the enrolment period has passed to confirm that your details are now active and available for use.

Is there a limit to the amount I can pay through the American Express PayBill Service?
For the first 30 days after you enrol a bank account, you can pay any amount you choose up to the New Balance Due (Credit Card) or Amount Due (Charge Card) showing on your Statement using that bank account. After this period, you can pay anything up to your Account Balance, which is made up of the balance showing on your Statement, plus any unbilled charges.

How frequently can I make payments?
You can make one payment per Card Account once every 72 hours.

If I make a payment, when will the money leave my bank account?
This may vary by financial institution and depends on the time of the payment. We estimate this will be between 48 and 72 hours after you request a payment. Please ensure you have funds available from the payment date and check with your bank to confirm when the funds have been debited.

What do I do if my payment has not been processed?
Please call Customer Service at the telephone number printed on the back of your Card.

Which types of bank accounts can I use to make a payment?
You can use any Indian Rupee account held at a Bank in India that takes part in the American Express PayBill Service but please note:
The account must be in your name. Foreign accounts are not eligible. If you choose to register a business account, you must be an authorised signatory on that account.

What is the difference between the Electronic Clearance System Program and the American Express PayBill Service?
With the Electronic Clearance System Program, a predetermined amount is debited from your bank account, on the payment due date each month. The American Express PayBill Service is a flexible payment option where payments for different amounts can be made at your convinience and option. Each payment must be authorized by you to process via Online Services or calling the number on the back of your Card.

Am I able to make payments online?
Yes, you can make a payment online through the Payment Centre by clicking ‘Make a payment’ after you log into Online Services.

How can I pay my American Express bill?
In three easy steps, you can pay your American Express Bill through the Online Payment Centre:
Step 1: Register your Indian Rupee bank account held at a Bank in India which as a tie up with American Express for the PayBill Services. After we have received your mandate it will take around 21 days to complete the registration process.
There are many other convenient ways to pay:

  • Internet banking
  • By mailing a cheque in
  • In person at your local branch, should you wish to pay during regular business hours
Please note: Fees may apply and processing times may vary depending on the payment option you use. Please check the details with your financial institution. Services may also vary by financial institution. Payments will be credited upon receipt by us.

Why has my ability to make payments using this bank account been temporarily suspended?
Your ability to make payments using this bank account may have been temporarily suspended due to a payment related error. If you have any payments scheduled using this bank account they will not be processed. Please contact us at the number on the back of your Card to request that we reinstate the bank account and/or setup new payments.

How can I check the status of a payment?
By clicking on the Payment History tab in the Payment Centre in Online Services. Or by calling our Servicing Centre by dialing the number on the back of your card.

Are other payments included in the Payment History?
Yes. Any payments that are not part of the American Express PayBill Service, such as cheque payments, are shown as the Payment Type “Other”

Can I use the American Express PayBill Service if my account is set up for ECS (Electronic Clearance System) payments?
Yes you may have automatically been enrolled into the American Express PayBill as an existing ECS customer. You can check by entering the "Pay my Bill" section or calling our call centre with the number that is on the back for your card. If you are not an existing ECS customer will need to enrol separately in the American Express PayBill Service before you can make an online payment.

Can Additional Cardmembers make a payment to Basic cardmembers via the American Express PayBill Service centre?
No, Additional cardmembers are not permitted to make payments to the Basic cardmembers account via the American Express PayBill service.

Can I enrol the same bank account for all my American Express Card Accounts?
Yes but you need to enrol each bank account individually for each Card. Please allow for the 21 day enrolment period for each instance.

Why was my payment unsuccessful?
This might have been because your bank account details were incorrect, or there were insufficient funds. Please verify your bank account details and confirm you have sufficient funds for the payment.

Why can’t I pay my outstanding balance on my Corporate Card?
Your Corporate Card may be setup for central payment by your company. Please refer to your Company Policy.

Will I be charged a fee for a returned payment?
Yes. There will be a debit on the account for Rs250 (Charge and Credit Cards) and Rs 165 for (Corporate Cards) for each payment that is not honoured on your Card Account. Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your bank account when making payments.

How do I check online that my Card payment has been received?
Yes, you are able to check online that your card payments have been received using our Online Services. Registration is easy and free. Register for Online Services.

How do I check my Membership Rewards™ point balance online?
Yes, you can check you Membership Rewards points online by Registering for Online Services or logging in if you have already registered. Register for Online Services to view your points online.

How do I locate the nearest ATM to withdraw Cash ?

In India you can draw local currency from American Express ATMs or Partner ATM's bearing the following logos.


For further information on ATM's in India - you can count on personalised service from American Express. Give us a call at any time on our 24 Hour Cardmember Helplines.

In case you wish to locate American Express ATMs in other countries click here.

What is Balance Transfer?
A Balance Transfer is simply a transfer of a balance from one credit card to another. For example, you can transfer a balance you owe on a competition credit card to your American Express Credit Card account. When you request a balance transfer, we pay off the amount of the balance you have indicated you wish to pay on your other card. This balance will then appear on your American Express Credit Card statement. For doing a Balance Transfer just give us a call at any time on our 24 Hour Cardmember Help lines.

How do I apply for the Card online?
To apply for an American Express Card online click here. If you do not know which is the best Card for you please read the Card Benefits page to help you make the right decision

What Cards do you currently offer in India?
We offer Personal and Corporate Cards. Personal Cards are offered as either Charge Cards or Credit Cards. Visit our complete listing of Personal Cards , to learn more about the financial benefits of each and to apply for a Card.

How long does it take to obtain an American Express Card?
Most new Card applications take upto 4 weeks to process. Supplementary Card applications take fifteen days to process.

Do you offer additional Cards on accounts?
Supplementary Cards are available, however the principle Cardmember is liable for transactions incurred on all Supplementary Cards issued on their account.

Can I obtain cash using the Card?
Yes, American Express Cards enable you to obtain cash billed to your Card account by enrolling in the Express Cash facility.

How do I know my credit limit?
You will be informed of your credit limit when you are issued your Card. Also, your online statements will reflect your total credit limit - how much you have utilised, and the available credit limit.

Can I increase my credit limit?
Yes. After the first nine months, you can apply for an increase in your credit limit.

How do I report a lost or stolen Card?
If you need to report your lost or stolen Card call our 24 hour Card Member Help Lines.