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Earn up to 5X Membership Rewards® points. 

Shop on your favorite brands via Reward Multiplier and earn extra reward points every time you pay using your American Express® Card. Terms apply. 

Accelerated Points

Everytime you make a purchase1 with your American Express® Card, you earn points. Find out how you can earn more points with your Card.

Bonus Points

Make the most of bonus points as your Welcome gift in the first year of your Cardmembership and continue enjoying more bonuses upon renewal in the following year. 

Our exclusive Travel booking platform does not only let you enjoy a wide range of hotels, flights, and rentals, but also offers more value on all your bookings. Conditions apply.

Everyday Spends

Whether it is shopping, dining or montly bills, all your payments1 can be rewarding with your Card. Collect or redeem them on your next buy, as the points you earn never expire2.

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