Card on File Tokenization


Shop securely online by tokenizing your American Express® Card



In line with RBI Guidelines on saved card transactions to enable safe and secure online transactions, all card data saved by merchants on their website or online apps will be deleted as of September 30,2022.


After this date, you will need to enter your full card number to complete an online transaction or tokenize your card.


Tokenization is the process of replacing your Card details with a unique alternate code called a ‘token’. A Token enables a safe and quick payment process without sharing the actual details of your Card.


You can tokenize your American Express Card while initiating a transaction on a merchant’s app or website when you checkout.


You can tokenize your Card now on an integrated merchant’s websites or app in 3 easy steps:


  1. Enter your Card details on the merchant’s website or app
  2. Provide consent to tokenize your Card
  3. Enter a one-time password (OTP) to authenticate and tokenize your Card


Once your Card is tokenized successfully, it will be saved on the merchant’s website or app for future transactions.



How to Manage your tokens


After successful tokenization of your American Express Card(s) with merchants, you can view and manage your active tokens through your online account.


  • Log in to your Online account
  • Go to the Card Management Tab
  • Click on ‘Manage your Tokens’
  • View all active tokens set up on your American Express Card

You can choose to suspend, delete or set a daily transaction limit on any active tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions