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10 Popular Unusual Hobbies to bring out the “You” in you



 A hobby is a leisure activity that you do for fun. It also serves to improve your sense of worth as you hone your skills, add new dimensions to your personality, and can often connect you with like-minded people.If you are confused about what to pursue, look around, and try out a few different ideas until you find your passion. Here are a few unique, interesting options that may motivate you.


Upcycling Old Things


Creating something out of waste is not only fun but also therapeutic. If you look around your house, you will find many things that have outlived their original use, but youdidn’t have the heart to throw them out.


Collect this junk and turn them into new utilitarian treasures. For example, an old glass jar can be hand or spray painted and turned into a modern vase. All you need is your imagination and little help from Google.

Becoming A Volunteer


Becoming a volunteer can be the most rewarding hobby. Look for organizations that support social causes you are passionate about and ask them how you could help out regularly.

Hiking and Backpacking


Hiking and backpacking are an excellent way of reviving your mental, emotional, and physical health. You could start with close, accessible areas and then work up to tougher trails. It’s one of the best means to de-stress yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Performing Stand-up Comedy


Standup comedy has come of age in India now, with sold-out shows and huge YouTube fan followings. From Comicstaan to India’s Got Talent to the YapStars app, there are many opportunities to get seen in this sector. For newcomers, open mic sessions are a good way to get noticed. If you observe humour in daily life and feel confident to deliver the jokes, then this can be a great choice. It is indeed a great way of meeting interesting performers and fans from all demographics.



Fishing is an activity that can be as active or laidback as you want it to be. Going down the sea in a boat or wading through a stream looking for different kinds of fish can be a thrilling experience. 

Growing your own Vegetables


This form of gardening is more specific than general gardening. It can be a thoroughly satisfying feeling to cultivate vegetables you want to consume, without using pesticides. There are many options available in the market today, including the choice of vertical gardens for city homes. You can consult with a gardener to get the right soil and seeds or search the internet for tips to get you started.

Practicing Tai Chi


Tai Chi is a Chinese Martial Art practice that is not only meant for defence-training but is also known for its health benefits and meditative powers. A dynamic relationship between the Yin and Yang polarities exist in each of us. It is a slow-paced, gentle form of stretching and physical exercise, involving specialized breathing techniques. Tai Chi, as a hobby, teaches one how to live in the moment and be mindful.

You can find out about Tai Chi classes in your neighbourhood or check for online tutorials.

Brewing Beer


Brewing beer can be a great hobby. You can look up the brewing process on the internet, get the right barrels and equipment, and then develop the brew through some trial and error. You can experiment with various flavours and colours, drawing upon all your creativity and innovation. Consult with experts from the hospitality industry, enroll for classes, or get online guidance.



Bees are productive, industrious, and are some of the most fascinating creatures on this earth. Harvesting honey can be a very satisfying experience if you have the space and endurance for it. The beekeeping fraternity is a very exclusive one, and you can learn a lot from the community drives. Being informed will help you approach the beehive with respect, and the right gear will prevent any mishaps. The sweet reward at the end of it is worth all the hard work.  

Collecting Vintage Clothes


This unusual hobby will take you down the annals of history, looking up the fascinating stories that accompany the clothing of each era. The detailing that goes into making an authentic outfit, ensuring that it replicates for modern wear, is incredible. You would be surprised for the demand that exists for vintage clothing, and this hobby may well become a profession. 


Finding a hobby can take a little experimentation, but there are some surefire ways to knowing whether it can turn into a lifelong passion or a two-day workshop activity. Here are some tips to get you started.


  • Try out different options until you find something you want to keep coming back to

  • Ensure it is sustainable despite your passion so that you can continue with it

  • Find out about hobby classes in your city, through the internet or Facebook groups

  • Attend workshops to get started and ask the trainer about more opportunities

  • Interact with like-minded communities to get inspired