American Express SafekeySM Extra Safe Online Shopping

Important steps to enhance your card security

Secure online shopping with American Express SafeKeySM

What is American Express SafeKey?

Your Card account is already protected by American Express against theft and fraud every time you shop online. American Express SafeKey has been introduced to further enhance online transaction security. It is an added security measure to safeguard your online purchases for your peace of mind.

From June 2012, you will be required to enter a One-Time Password (OTP) when making online purchases at participating merchants that display the American Express SafeKey logo on their websites.

How does it work?

An added security measure for online Card transactions, American Express SafeKey only applies to participating online merchants certified by American Express. When making online purchases at these merchants, an OTP will be sent to you to authenticate each transaction. You will receive this OTP via SMS and/or Email using the contact details you have put on the records for your American Express Card.

Do I need to register for SafeKey?

SafeKey is easy and it is free. You are automatically registered for SafeKey and do not need to take any additional action to take advantage of this online security benefit. When you checkout at participating SafeKey merchants, an OTP will automatically be sent to your mobile phone number and/or Email address as per our records. As always, please ensure you keep your mobile phone number and Email address updated with American Express for all of your primary, additional, and supplementary Cards. However, if you are shopping at a participating SafeKey merchant and need to update your mobile phone number or Email address, you can do so by a updating your contact details during checkout in a few simple steps to get an OTP sent to your updated contact details in real time for that transaction.

For more information on American Express SafeKey, click here for the FAQs.

What are the benefits?

  ✓ Enhances Card security
  ✓ Easy and Hassle-Free
  ✓ Additional verification for added peace of mind