American Express

Credit Card



Card Type
Credit Card




Annual Fee
Basic Card: 1,926 baht per year (inclusive of VAT)

Supplementary Card(s): Free for the first 2 Cards and

1,284 baht per year (inclusive of VAT) for the

3rd Card onwards


Rewards Program: Membership Rewards

Spending Limit: up to 3 times or 5 times of the average monthly income (depending on the case).

Platinum Edge card art

Membership Rewards1

Enjoy a world of rewards in the Membership Rewards program with a selection of precious prizes in various categories such as travel, shopping, electronics, dining vouchers and much more.You can enjoy the Membership Rewards points in the Basic Membership Rewards program instantly and Membership Rewards points never expire.

Change on minimum payment

American Express would like to inform that minimum payment rate of American Express Credit Card will be changed from 5% to 8% of total balance on monthly statement of account with effective date on January 1, 2024.

Annual fee waiver for next year2

You will be eligible for an annual fee waiver for next year, both for the Basic Card and the third Supplement Cards onwards, when you spend with an American Express Credit Card from 150,000 baht or more per year. The company will include the total amount from the monthly payment in the calculation of privilege to waive the annual fee for next year.


Financial Freedom

Indulge in a life of great value with increased mobility.


You can withdraw cash up to US$ 1,000* every 30 days from ATMs in Thailand that display an ATM Pool sign or American Express sign with a 3% service fee of the withdrawn amount** (subject to VAT).

*The cash access varies based on our internal criteria.
**Interest will also be charged on daily basis on the balance outstanding from the withdrawal date until the full payment is received. 


Product Warranty


Product return guarantee


Product return guarantee is provided for your peace of mind for the products specified in the insurance certificate which are purchased at a price not less than 1,000 baht and paid by the American Express Credit Card for personal use only.


Within 7 days from the date of purchase, if you are not satisfied with the product and the seller refuses to accept the return, you can return the product to the insurance company. The company will pay back within the value equal to the purchase price or up to 10,000 baht per item, with a limit of 32,000 baht per calendar year.





Warranty of product price guarantee


Warranty of product price guarantee covers the products that you buy and pay with the American Express Credit Card. In the event that within 15 days from the date of purchase, there is any adverstisement of the similar product that offers at a lower price than indicated on the printed materials with a specific date, the insurance company will pay you for the difference in prices of the product. The difference in prices must not less than 500 baht with a maximum of 10,000 baht per product and with a limit of 32,000 baht per calendar year.


Product protection plan


Product protection plan covers the speficied products under the plan in case of repairing, replacement or compensation for damaged products at the discretion of the insurance company within 30 days from the date of purchase. This protection plan applies for products purchased for personal use or purchased as a gift and paid with the American Express Credit Card. The maximum coverage is 48,000 baht per product with a limit of 240,000 baht per year.

Additional Services

American Express Credit Card Services

Platinum Service




American Express Credit Card Customer Service


Our Customer Service is ready to support and answer all your queries. You can inquire about Card accounts whether for personal, social, or business agendas. You can check your payment, spending balance and Membership Rewards program for 24 hours a day by simply call 0 2091 2822.



Auto Pay service


Simplify your life today by using the automatic monthly payment service through the American Express Credit Card. This service allows you to pay with a single American Express Card to help reduce the hassle in each month and reduce the mistake of paying multiple services at the same time.


Documents and Useful Information


Purchase Protection Insurance Certificate


You can read and download full details of Purchase Protection Insurance Certificate here.




Return Guarantee Insurance Certificate


You can read and download full details of Return Guarantee Insurance Certificate here.




Details of Interest Rate, Penalty Charge, Fees and Other Service Charges 


You can read and download full details of interest rate, penalty charge, fees and other service charges here.





Best Value Guarantee Insurance Certificate


You can read and download full details of Best Value Guarantee Insurance Certificate here.




Terms and Conditions: American Express Credit Card

You can read and download full Terms and Conditions of American Express Credit Card here.




Example of Interest and Credit Usage Fee Calculation for Minimum Payment or Partial Payment and Cash Advance Usage

You can read and download the example of of interest and credit usage fee calculation for minimum payment or partial payment and cash advance usage calculation here.




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