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American Express @ Work Global Apply for Card (GAFC)

Card Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing the Application


How do I access my Card Application?

There are two ways to access a Card application:

  1. Email Invitation
    • You will receive two emails from American Express, initiated by your Programme Administrator, inviting you to apply for your Corporate Card.
    • One email will contain a link to the application site, the other an Application ID to use as a key to log on and complete the application.
  2. Access Key and a URL Link
    • Your company may provide you with a link to the application site and an Access Key.
    • Your Access Keys may be posted on your Company’s internal intranet site.
  3. Once on the Card application site, you will be instructed to enter your Corporate email and Application ID or Access Key, and you will begin the journey to complete your Corporate Card application.

If I save my application for later, how can I access my application again?

Please use the Application ID and secure URL you receive when you first initiated your application.

Is GAFC mobile or tablet friendly?

GAFC will respond to and function on smaller screen resolutions like Tablet and Mobile, however, we do not have a separate mobile only application.

Completing the Application


Once an application is initiated, how long do I have to complete an application?

You will have 45 calendar days to complete your application prior to it being cancelled by the system. This allows time to accurately complete all fields required.

Are there mandatory fields on the application and will I know if there is an error with my application?

Yes, you will be notified which fields are mandatory while completing the online Application. If there are any errors, messages will appear prompting you to provide more information or correct your entries.

Why is Mother’s Maiden Name required?

This is a required field that is used for servicing purposes only by American Express.

Why do you collect my Company email address?

This is used for servicing purposes by American Express.

Are identity documents required?

If your residential address is outside of the UK, you will be required to provide a valid copy of your ID and Proof of Address during the application process.

Which types of identification documents are accepted?

Information on accepted identification documents is provided at the start, and throughout your application journey. Once you have begun completing the Application on the right-hand side of the screen under ‘Important Information’ you can select the hyperlink for Learn more where you will be directed to additional details.

How do I upload documents?

If additional documents are required, you can upload these via the Supporting Documents section of the application. You will be prompted to select the type of Documents you are submitting and will be able to attach the documents.

How do I submit my completed application?

Once you have completed all mandatory fields in the application you will reach a review and submit screen. There you can review and modify fields if necessary. Once finalised you will need to accept the Terms and Conditions and click the Submit button. A screen with your Application ID will appear, confirming that your application has been submitted.

Once my application has been submitted, can I still edit the application?

No, once your application has been submitted, you will no longer be able to edit it.

Do I need to print off my Application and have an Authorised Signatory sign before sending it to American Express?

No, the approval process is automated and fully online, there is no need for any paper copies or wet signatures in this process.

Are there any notifications sent to remind me to complete the application?

Yes, you will receive an email reminder to complete any non-started or pending application, followed by additional reminders.

How will I know if my application has been approved by my Company and submitted to American Express for processing?

You will receive a notification email once your Application has been approved by your Company. Should there be any issues with your Card Application you will be either contacted by your Programme Administrator or receive an email from American Express.

Card Delivery


What are the Card delivery address options?

Unless your company has arranged to distribute Cards centrally (where all Cards are sent to a designated individual at the Company’s location), you can select either your Residential or Company address for Card delivery.

Can I request an alternative delivery address for the Card?

No, not currently.

How long will it take to receive my Card?

Normal Card delivery is within 10 working days (on receipt of a fully completed application). If the Card is required sooner, please select the Rush option.

Can I choose to Rush my Card delivery?

If your company allows, you may be able to select Rush Card Delivery on your application. If you select Rush Card Delivery you must:

  • confirm acceptance of the Rush Card delivery costs,
  • confirm your delivery Address: Residential or Company

How quickly is a Rush Card received?

Rush Cards are sent within 5 working days (on receipt of a fully completed application).

Help and Support


Who do I contact if I need assistance with Global Apply for Card?

For support or guidance with your application, please contact your Company’s Programme Administrator.

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