Apple Pay






Introducing Apple Pay


It's easy and secure to pay with your mobile device.

Paying with your American Express® Card with Apple Pay means you can make in-app, in-store and online payments simply and safely.





High value purchases


With Apple Pay, you won’t be restricted by

the same contactless Card limit.


Worry-free shopping


With four layers of protection, we’ve got

your back, every step of the way.  



Life should be rewarding


Earn and enjoy the same great rewards

when you shop using American Express

with Apple Pay. 

*Retailer limits may apply. Check before paying.




How to set up Apple Pay

Apple Pay step 1

Open the Wallet app on your Apple

device and tap the '+' sign to add your

American Express Card.


Apple Pay step 2

For security purposes, we may ask you to enter a One-Time Password to confirm your identity. Please follow the on-screen instructions.

Apple Pay step 3

And you're done - it's that simple.




How to use Apple Pay


Hold your phone up to a contactless

reader (there’s no need to wake your

phone or open the app).


Use Touch or Face ID to confirm it’s you.



Wait for your payment to be authorised

– you’ll feel a vibration or hear a beep.



where can i use contactless



Where to use Apple Pay

You can use Apple Pay at thousands of places that welcome American

Express contactless payments, either in-store, online or in-app. Pay for your groceries

or a new pair of trainers with Apple Pay.


On the go? 

You can use Apple Pay on all TfL services, including the underground, buses

and trams with just one single touch.


Simply select your American Express Card for Express Transit in the wallet

app and you're good to go - no authentication needed.




Frequently Asked Questions


To find out more about Apple Pay, click here



Mobile Wallet Security


We keep your transactions safe with 4 layers of protection, and every purchase

is approved by American Express.

Terms of Use & Important Information