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More reasons than ever to accept American Express®


Over 96,000 places in Canada started accepting American Express Cards in 20181.


Call 1-877-255-4334 (9am – 7pm Eastern Time Monday to Friday) or have us contact you to learn more. 




Accepting American Express at your business gives you access to:


Transparent and competitive pricing


Potential customers who spend more2


Marketing campaigns and helpful insights 


Dedicated support for managing your business


Best in class solutions to help prevent fraud and disputes




Take the guesswork out of your rates


Our merchant rates are transparent and based on your industry and annual account activity. These rates are consistent across all our credit and charge Card products to help make acceptance simple.   


Welcome exceptional customers who:

Spend more


In 2018, the average American Express transaction was $178 versus the average Non-American Express credit card transaction of $952.



Engage more


 46% of Canadian American Express Cardmembers report an annual household income of CAD $100,000 or more, relative to 25% of Canadian Non-Cardmembers3.


Attract potential customers to your business


When you accept American Express, you could be a part of Shop Small®, a program dedicated to promoting local businesses to American Express Cardmembers.

Your business could be recommended to Cardmembers through personalized emails and featured on the American Express Maps®5. Cardmembers can also be eligible to receive statement credits for spending at your business. 

Attract potential customers to your business


Accept the Card and enjoy the backing of American Express.

Call us at
1-877-255-4334 (9am – 7pm Eastern Time Monday to Friday) or have one of our Sales Representatives contact you. 


Don't Do Business Without It