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Chip Card certification is completed in incremental stages. In addition to the global EMV standards for Chip technology, there are network specifications. The “American Express Integrated Circuit Card Payment Specification” is referred to as “AEIPS”. All Chip Cards, POS devices and networks must meet ‘AEIPS’ standards to be certified.
If you are upgrading your POS systems for Chip and Pin, we encourage you to work with your vendors to ensure that your upgrades include American Express (AEIPS).

Certification and Support Documents:
If you certify your own POS terminals, we have developed the following tools to help with your American Express Chip technology development. If you connect directly to the American Express Network, or certify your own terminals, please contact us for further details regarding Testing and Certification.

1. AEIPS Specification for POS and Integrated Circuit Cards (Chip Cards): AEIPS is American Express’ contact EMV specification. American Express' EMV application is based on global EMV standards.

     •   AEIPS Card Specifications

     •   AEIPS Terminal Specification

2. Terminal Implementation Guide: This guide is designed primarily for our partners in the processing sector and Merchants who develop their own POS solution. It describes the processes and best practices for implementing American Express EMV on a terminal, including terminal certification requirements. We also encourage sharing this with your terminal or software vendors.

     •   Terminal Implementation Guide

3. EMV Industry Alignment Brochure: A document that provides information about how American Express EMV specifications align with the industry.

     •   Industry Alignment Brochure