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Benefits Of Corporate Card Solutions


Corporate Cards vs. Personal Credit Cards


When you ask employees to use personal credit cards for business expenses, they have to juggle corporate and personal expenses on a single card. That can be difficult for employees with limited credit access, such as recent graduates, and it can also make it harder for your company to manage expenses, since spend data is fragmented across multiple cards. It makes much more business sense to make use of a corporate card solution for business expenses to enable your business to better determine spending limits, liability, and billing options, so you'll have more control over employee spending. Plus, a business card makes it far easier to track spending and to ensure employees are working with preferred suppliers.


Corporate Cards vs. Cash


When you give employees cash, you're relying exclusively on internal controls to regulate how employees are spending money and whether they're returning unused funds. It can also create additional reimbursement procedures that can take up time and complicate your accounting. Our corporate card solutions enable you to define clear spending limits up front and to reimburse only company-approved expenditures on the business card. They provide critical documentation for tax purposes, as well as for verifying the accuracy of transactions.