Why Choose American Express®

Business Expertise

Depth Of Business Insight and Corporate Finance


Our in-depth knowledge and expertise allows us to provide focused advice on your corporate finance program and give you strategic solutions to help you realise maximum savings and return on your investment.


Leverage our implementation expertise in the field of corporate finance to build a best-in-class program:


  • Nearly 100 dedicated implementation managers around the globe
  • Experience with companies in all industries, sizes including Fortune 1000, Global 2000, and mid-size companies
  • Trained experts with access to tools and best practices from thousands of real projects

Large accounts are assigned an Account Manager who is familiar with your industry, your challenges and your opportunities. In addition to providing outstanding support, your Account Manager will conduct regular account summary activities, as well as an annual strategic expense management review. The review is a way to benchmark your company's performance against your peers. From there, your Account Manager, who happens to be an expert in the corporate finance of your area, will advise on ways to modify and implement your card program to assure continuous improvement.