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About Membership Rewards

  • 1. How do I redeem my points?

    Redeeming your Membership Rewards Points is easy.
    Your points give you access to an exciting range of rewards*. Redeem your Points for eVouchers and shop instantly with INSTA Rewards. Pay off purchases from your online statement with Select and Pay with points or discover our selection of market leading Gift Card partners. If you already know what you're looking for then you can use one of the quick links below:

    All Rewards
    Select & Pay with Points
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  • 2. How do I transfer my points to another loyalty program?

    Transferring your points to a participating frequent flyer partner programme or frequent guest programme is easy. In order to transfer your Membership Rewards Points to a participating Frequent Flyer Programme or Frequent Hotel Guest Programme, you first need to register* your Frequent Flyer Number with us by calling our 24x7 Membership Services Helpline. You can link accounts anytime and there is no limit to the number of partners you can link with. Please allow up to 14 days for us to verify your account. You can then transfer your Membership Rewards Points to your Frequent Flyer Account online.

    If you're not enrolled in online services, enroll here, or call us at call us at our Membership Services on the 24 hour Toll Free numbers printed at the back of your Card and we'll process your request for you.

    *This service is not applicable for Cardmembers enrolled in Non Frequent Traveller option.

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  • 3. Does American Express automatically transfer points to my frequent flyer or other loyalty program account?

    No, if you want to transfer your points to your eligible frequent flyer or other loyalty program you must first register the program account with us, then login to your Membership Rewards account or call us at our Membership Services to process the transfer

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  • 4. How long does it take to transfer points into my participating airline rewards or frequent guest programme account?

    It usually takes up to 10 working days for this process to be completed, provided you are enrolled into the Frequent Traveller Option of Membership Rewards with us and your Frequent Flyer Programme number or Frequent Hotel Guest Programme Account Number is registered with us. Please allow enough time for the transfer to be completed while planning a holiday or other trip.

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  • 5. Can I transfer points into someone else's airline rewards or frequent guest account?

    No. The Membership Rewards Programme allows you to transfer Points only to your own account with a participating Frequent Flyer Programme.

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  • 6. I've transferred points from my Membership Rewards account to my airline rewards or frequent guest account but I can't get the booking I want. Can I transfer them back?

    No. Point transfers to frequent flyer and frequent guest partner programmes are irreversible.

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  • 7. What if I like a reward and do not have enough points?

    Your Points can also be 'topped-up' by purchasing Points in multiples of 1,000 (1,000 Points can be purchased for Rs. 400 only). You can buy Points equal to the Points already accumulated in your account or 10,000 Points (whichever is lower) and redeem them immediately against Non Travel Rewards. The cost of the Points purchased will be charged to your Card and will appear in your next statement #.

    # The charges for Points purchased under Points Top-up and balance payment made under 'Points+Pay' are not eligible for earning further Membership Rewards Points. Purchase of Points shall be purely at the discretion of American Express.

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  • 8. Can anyone else use my points to redeem for a reward?

    The Basic Cardmember can only redeem all points earned on their account, whether spend was made on their Card or on any other supplementary Cards.

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  • 9. How long does it take to process my order?

    We will process your request as quickly as possible*. Please note: Merchandise items may take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery while Gift cards/vouchers may take up to 7 working days for delivery

    *Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards program.

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  • 10. What do I do if I have not received my reward item in the time frame advised?

    Please call us at our Membership Services on the 24 hour Toll Free numbers printed at the back of your Card and we will be able to investigate it further for you.

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  • 11. Are there any restrictions as to when I can use my Gift Card or Voucher/Certificates

    You must use it before the expiry date. You'll find the expiry date printed on the each gift card/certificate/voucher

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  • 12. Can I send items to a different address or someone else?

    Yes. You can change the delivery name and address at checkout. However, please note that Rewards cannot be delivered at an address outside India.

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  • 13. How do I return unwanted items?

    Please note that rewards are not exchangeable, replaceable, transferable or refundable for cash or credit.

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Have we missed anything?

If you have any questions about the Membership Rewards programme or would like to learn more, please call us at our Membership Services on the 24 hour Toll Free numbers printed at the back of your Card