Concierge Services Explained: Make the most of it



The modern-day well-to-do person sees value in access to an efficient personal concierge service that responds perfectly to his need for experiences that are both exclusive and luxurious. For example, a coveted seat at a much-awaited music concert or clubhouse access to a sold-out cricket game is some of those wins that a great concierge service can set you up for. 



American Express offers complimentary concierge services for their premium card members. What can an Amex concierge service do for you? Just call up and ask.   

What is a Concierge 


A concierge is an individual or an organisation which offers personal assistance on almost all aspects, from household management to chauffeur services, at a price. The desire for experience over ownership in this era of digital technology is driving modern concierge companies to deliver exceptional services 24*7 to its affluent clients.


Some of the tasks that a typical concierge service arranges or performs are listed below:


  • Arranging transportation services

  •  Sourcing tickets for concerts, movies, and events

  •  Recommending and making restaurant and hotel reservations 

  •  Pet care

  •  Senior citizen care

  •  Planning itineraries and making travel arrangements

  • Recommending and delivering gifts and flowers

  • Running errands such as grocery shopping, dry cleaning, laundry services

  • Sourcing special items like antiques and paintings on demand 

Types of Concierge Services


Owing to the globalisation and technological advancements, concierge services have expanded to various sectors. Let’s have a look at the different types of personalized services and what you can expect from them.


Travel Concierge


With an increase in business and leisure travel, a travel concierge is almost a necessity for planning your itinerary, selecting accommodation, and making other travel arrangements. Ensuring that your travel experience proceeds without a hitch, the service remains a faithful assistant during all your travels worldwide. A travel concierge makes use of its contacts to get reservations with local restaurants, hotels, transport providers, or bookings at tourist attractions. 



Hotel Concierge


A hotel concierge takes care of everything from transportation to making reservations at local restaurants  , suggesting suitable itineraries to helping with all your travel arrangements during your stay at a hotel. 


Medicine Concierge


A medicine concierge comes to your aid during a medical crisis . Very similar to a personal assistant, this service seamlessly manages hospital admissions, doctor appointments, final bills and filing insurance claims. A medicine concierge works on a flat/annual fee business model.


Lifestyle Concierge


A lifestyle concierge is at your side, running errands for you and making sure all aspects of your life run smoothly. This personalised service offers home and event management services. A lifestyle concierge works on a retainer basis, wherein you pay an agency every month for a lifestyle manager.


Shopping Concierge


Sometimes, life gets so demanding that even selecting the right garment for an event becomes a hassle. In such cases, a shopping concierge provides you assistance with your shopping needs. The shopping concierge is trained not only to source items for you but also to optimize your wardrobe and help you with your look . 

Benefits of Concierge Services


Concierge services make your life easier and also get   the job done to your total satisfaction. Here are a few benefits of availing a concierge service:


  • Saves time 
    One of the most obvious benefits of leveraging a concierge service is that it allows you to have more time and energy to attend to what really matters   . While the concierge takes care of routine chores, you can build goals, connect with family, and live your life better.  

  • Reliability
    Reliability is one of the key factors essential to any concierge’s survival and reputation. Most concierge services guarantee this through trained personnel and a dedicated network of specialised contacts from travel agencies to medical institutions.

  • Exclusive privileges and complimentary benefits
    You can get seemingly impossible things done at the last minute due to the well-connected and vast network of concierge services. It could be as simple as getting your free entry to exclusive clubs or as complicated as upgrades at top luxury and boutique hotels a month in advance. 

  • Exclusive access
    A concierge service can get you access to VIP tickets and sold-out events through their network of partners. You can even enjoy access to members-only venues and events.

  • Emergency assistance
    Emergency assistance for unfortunate incidents such as loss of baggage, missed flight, or a medical emergency are taken care of through emergency concierge assistance.


Amex Platinum Card offers you ‘Do anything’ concierge, which assures you of assistance with a unique experience across the globe. Whether you need travel-related assistance, want tickets to a VIP event, or need a special gift delivered to your loved ones, Amex Platinum Concierge can help you.


Concierge services in India is a huge potential market with the growing economy and rise in the number of enterprising, affluent millennials. Thanks to the digital revolution, concierge services do not have a location or time zone barriers. Concierge services are undoubtedly the future of the service industry.