How American Express protects your Account




Our security systems allow you to use your American Express® Card with confidence, wherever you are.
From Account 
monitoring to online safety measures and fraud alerts, we've got your back.

How we help you shop securely

Card Purchase Protection

Card Purchase Protection


What you buy matters to you so it matters to us

Find out how our 90-day purchase

protection works.



Card safety abroad

Card Safety Abroad


Wherever your travels take you, we've got your back. From

emergency Card replacement to our 24-hour Global Assist

helpline, learn how to safely use your Card abroad.



SafeKey Authentication

SafeKey Authentication

Retail therapy is even better when it's completely secure.

Our SafeKey tool gives you an extra layer of protection

when online shopping.

Discover how quick and easy it is to use.



Scam and Fraud Alerts

Scam and Fraud Alerts


We are always on the lookout for suspicious account

activity, and like to keep you in the loop.

We will text or email you if we see something unusual.




Internet Privacy and Data Protection

View American Express privacy principlespolicies and

find out how we help protect your data at all times.

You can also manage your privacy choices,

for the ultimate peace of mind.






Fraud Protection Guarantee

Fraud Protection Guarantee


If you do become a victim of fraud, our Fraud Protection Guarantee 

means you won't be held responsible for any fraudulent charges, 

provided you've taken reasonable care to protect

your Account details, PIN and any

device you store your Account information on*.


 *Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.



Find out how you can

protect yourself