Get 2 or more round trip flights on Kingfisher Airlines every year Plus additional flights from accelerated Membership Rewards Points
Membership Rewards-The luxury of choice Get your flights faster
  10 Times Membership RewardsPlus additional flights from accelerated Membership Rewards Points
Not only will your spend count towards the automatic tickets, you will also earn Rewards Points. You will earn 1 Membership Rewards Point for every Rs.40 you spend and 10 times Points whenever you spend at Kingfisher Airlines*, Airtel Bill Payments (mobile and landline) or at more than 200 retail and dining Platinum Partner outlets.

So, for example, the same spend of Rs.1,75,000 will also earn you an additional round trip ticket if you spend just Rs. 30,000 of this at these accelerated rewards partners. That's just Rs. 2, 500 a month on Airtel. Or 3 round trip tickets on Kingfisher Airlines in a year. Or any other combination of spend at these partners.

Each year, your first Rs. 100,000 of spend on Airtel (cumulative amount for mobile and landline) and the first Rs. 600,000 with Kingfisher Airlines* earns 10 Times Membership Rewards Points.If you spend more, you will continue to earn 1 Point for every Rs. 40 you spend, with no limits!

All this adds up to make the American Express Kingfisher First Credit Card the fastest way to get flights.
  It's easy to claim your flights through Membership Rewards
Whenever you are ready to claim your flight, simply call American Express Platinum Assist, and we will arrange to transfer your Points to Kingfisher Airlines. The transfer usually takes 48 business hours, so please call in advance of your travel date.
You can then book your flight through Kingfisher King Club.
Your American Express Membership Rewards Points never expire, so you can choose to transfer your Points to King Club now or in the future. It's up to you.

  Click here, for a complete listing of Platinum Partners where you earn 10 Times Rewards points.

  * Only for spends at Kingfisher Airlines Airport counters, Proprietary counters in the city, Kingfisher website and at select travel agents
across India.
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