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American Express Corporate Card Digital Application Process for Card Applicants 


If you require an American Express Corporate Card <insert company internal procedure>. Once you are invited to apply you will need to follow the below process. Please note that Cards may take up to 12 working days to be delivered to you, once your Company and American Express complete their checks on your application.



You will receive the invitation to apply for your Corporate Card via 2 emails:

  • The 1st email will include your unique Application ID, required to securely access your application
  • The 2nd email will include your secure URL link to your application



Application forms may take up to 10 minutes to complete and can be saved so that you can return to them at any time to fulfil the remaining requirements.

Corporate card application

To access the application, you will need your:

  • Secure URL link (sent directly to you via email)
  • Company Email address and,
  • Application ID (sent directly to you via email)
  • Read the Before You Begin section
  • Ensure all mandatory fields are completed
  • Upload any supporting documentation as directed
  • Review and submit your application for your Company’s approval

Please ensure you carefully complete all relevant fields to ensure no delay in processing.


How to provide a valid copy of ID

The following government issued identity documents are accepted and must be a copy of the original:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Nationality Identity Card
  • Valid Photo card Driving License (full or provisional)
  • Valid Photo card Residence Permits with NO restrictions – copy of both front and back with MRZ

How to provide a valid Proof of Address

All Proof of Address Documents must:

  • Show the individual's full name and residential address
  • Have been issued on the service provider's official paper and received by the individual at their residential address
  • Be dated within 3 months of the application date (unless otherwise stated below)

Dated within 3 months

  • Bank, credit card, building society, credit union statement. Online/Internet bank or Building Society & Credit Card statements which have been presented and
    stamped by the branch are acceptable.
  • Utility bill: Gas, water, electric or landline telephone. 
  • Cable, Satellite or Internet bill
  • Formal Property Rental Agreement

Dated within 12 months

  • Council Tax statement
  • HMRC issued correspondence/document i.e. income tax bill, local tax bill, or letter received addressed to the individual from the tax authority, local rates bill, or municipality rate bill.
  • Annual mortgage statement (from Regulated Provider)
  • Bank Loan Correspondence (from Regulated Provider)
  • Photocard Driving Licence; where residential address is shown
    1. Document must be valid and unexpired
    2. Where Driving Licence is supplied as proof of address a separate document for Proof of Identity must be obtained

If you choose to have your Card delivered to your company address, or your company utilises Central Card distribution (where all Cards are sent to a designated individual at the Company’s location) both your ID and Proof of Address documents will need to be certified.

Who can certify ID and Proof of Address documentation?

Please find below a list of individuals who American Express accepts as Certifiers:

  • Programme Administrator (person within your organisation who manages the Corporate Card Programme)
  • Director, officer or manager of a regulated financial services business in the UK or EU
  • Official of an Embassy, consulate or high commission of the country issuing the passport
  • Member of the judiciary
  • Servicing Police or customs officer
  • Lawyer or notary public
  • Actuary
  • Accountant with a recognised professional qualification (e.g. chartered accountant)
  • Senior civil servant
  • Medical practitioner
  • A Lawyer or Chartered Accountant employed by the Card applicant’s employer can certify as long as they are still registered with their professional body.

What wording should be written on the documents?

The certifier must write the following wording on the same page as the copy of the documents:

  • Proof of identity photo documents: ‘I certify that this is a true copy of the original document and is a true likeness of [Individuals Full Name]
  • Proof of address documents (photo or non photo): ‘I certify that this is a true copy of the original document'

The certifier should:

  • Sign and date the photocopy
  • Clearly provide their full name in block capitals
  • Provide their position/capacity and contact details e.g. Lawyer and contact address
  • Add the official stamp of their office showing the Company Name or registration number and address (if applicable).

There is a facility to upload these documents at the end of the Application form under the ‘Supporting Documents’ section. Accepted file types are: PDF, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF. File size cannot exceed 3 MB.


Once you press the “Submit” button on your Application, your Company’s Programme Administrator will receive the completed form and begin reviewing it to ensure your Application is valid.  If they are satisfied with your submission, they will approve it and the form will be securely sent to American Express for processing.


You will receive a notification email once your Application has been approved by your Company.
Should there be any issues with your Card Application you will be either contacted by your Programme Administrator or receive an email from American Express. 


If your Application is successful you should receive your American Express Corporate Card within 12 working days.

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