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What is cashback and how does it work?

Cashback Credit Cards help you earn rewards with your everyday spending. But what is cashback and how does it work?



What is cashback? 


Cashback is a Credit Card benefit that allows you to earn money back for each purchase made with the relevant Card. 


How does cashback work?


Cashback is a percentage of a transaction that is credited back to you as a loyalty reward. Every time you spend on your Credit Card, you’ll automatically receive a percentage of that value as a reward into your Account.


This is then credited as a statement credit to your Account annually.  


What is a Cashback Credit Card?


Not to be confused with asking for cash back at the supermarket till, Cashback Credit Cards offer a simple, straightforward way to earn cash rewards for your everyday purchases – big and small.


Every time you make a purchase with your Cashback Credit Card, you will receive a percentage of that transaction back as a reward. The more purchases you make with your Card, the more cashback you can earn. This then accumulates in your Account and is paid to you as a statement credit every year, around the anniversary of Account opening.  


What are the benefits of cashback?


  • Cash rewards – you earn a percentage of your transaction back every time you spend on your Card; it’s automatic and effortless
  • No limit on cashback – with an Amex Cashback Card, there’s no cap to how much cashback you could earn in a year
  • Exclusive offers – enjoy carefully selected offers from our range of retail and travel partners

Our Cashback Credit Cards


There’s no limit to the amount of cashback you could earn with an American Express Cashback Card. We also offer a welcome bonus for new Cashback Card customers, allowing you to enjoy extra rewards in your first few months. 

New Cardmembers get 5% cashback1 up to £125 cashback for your first three months of Cardmembership.
Representative 29.8% APR variable
  • Earn up to 1.25% cashback2 if you spend over £10,001
  • Travel and shopping protection3



New Cardmembers get 5% Cashback4 up to £100 for your first three months of Cardmembership.
Representative 24.5% APR variable
  • Get accelerated cashback with no annual fee
  • Travel and shopping protection3




Read the fine print


To help you make the right choice for your lifestyle and finances, always read the Cashback Credit Card fine print: For example, this may include terms around minimum spending amounts and Cardmembership fees. 

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