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Working Capital Solutions

Supercharge your cashflow


Give your business the power to grow through effective Working Capital Management. Our Working Capital Solutions are flexible and innovative, so your business could hold on to more cash for longer.


This means we pay your suppliers1 in five days and you pay us within 55. Similarly, you could benefit from 5-day payments from your customers. It’s one of those win-win situations.

Discover the benefits of our working capital solutions

Benefits for your company as a buyer

Benefits for your company as a buyer:


  • Improved working capital
  • More stable and predictable working capital
  • Diversified capital resources and reduced need for external financing
  • Bank-independent credit line
  • Improved cashflow from more flexible payment periods
  • Extend accounts payable
  • An additional payment tool
Benefits for your company as a supplier

Benefits for your company as a supplier:


  • Ability to meet market demand
  • Access to incremental funds
  • Improved working capital
  • More stable and predictable working capital
  • Faster and easier customer payments
  • Reduced credit control admin

How it works

how it works

Easier Payment for Suppliers and Invoicing Parties


  • Step 1: The supplier is set up to accept American Express as a payment method
  • Step 2: Invoice is issued directly to the corporate customer
  • Step 3: Supplier is paid by American Express within five banking days



Clients Extend DPO (Days Payable Outstanding) While Maintaining Good Supplier Relations


  • Step 1: Identify key, high-transaction suppliers
  • Step 2: Use American Express’ payment method for purchases
  • Step 3: Make the payment to American Express 25 days after the monthly statement date, maximizing your payment options to up to 55 days

Case Studies

3D Truck

Case Study: Optimising Working Capital


“I need enough credit with my suppliers to allow them to sell to me, and enough credit on account to enable me to sell to my customers. Effective cashflow management keeps us in business.” - Joe Hemani, Owner & Chairman, Westcoast


With longer payment terms for their customers than those offered by their suppliers, cash was going out of Westcoast more quickly than it was coming in. As a consequence, they weren’t able to purchase optimum levels of stock without incurring hefty rates of interest.


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3D Truck

Case Study: Cashflow Management


“The American Express team quickly understood our business and the market we were targeting and knew what was required to launch this product.” - Phil Rice, Aggregate Industries UK


AI was looking for an innovative payments and working capital solution that would allow the company to drive business growth, accelerate cashflow, and create competitive differentiation for AI within the building materials sector. It had to be cost effective, and satisfy strict audit, legal and compliance criteria.


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3D Truck

Case Study: An Effective Payment Solution


“American Express gives us the option to pay suppliers earlier than our standard terms. This has supported our supply chain relationships, with minimal impact to our existing processes.” - Angus Scott, ACMA, GMA, Group Financial Controller, Clancy Docwra Ltd


As part of Clancy Docwra’s growth strategy, cashflow needed to be tightly managed to support their expansion opportunities. To offer suppliers an option for earlier payment, they required a simple but effective payments solution that would harmonise with their existing cashflow and invoice procedures.


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1 Suppliers must be set up to take American Express. Fees apply according to the agreement terms.