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Swiss Champ (Red)

points was 16,900 points

SKU code VICT-7003

Swiss Champ 33 Functions :

1. Large blade

2. Small blade

3. Corkscrew

4. Can opener

5. Small screwdriver

6. Bottle opener

7. Screwdriver

8. Wire stripper

9. Reamer, punch

10. Key ring

11. Tweezers

12. Toothpick

13. Scissors

14. Multipurpose hook

15. Wood saw

16. Fish scaler

17. Hook disgorger

18. Ruler (cm)

19. Ruler (inches)

20. Nail file with

21. Metal file

22. Nail cleaner

23. Metal saw

24. Fine screwdriver

25. Chisel

26. Pliers

27. Wire cutters

28. Wire crimping tool

29. Phillips screwdriver

30. Magnifying glass

31. Pressurized ballpoint pen

32. Stainless steel pin

33. Mini screwdriver

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