Ensure passing trade doesn’t pass you by

Point of Purchase (POP) materials are an important part of attracting American Express Cardmembers to your business. Research tells us that our Cardmembers actively look for POP whilst in store and displaying the American Express logo in a highly visible location encourages Cardmembers to purchase with their Card.

We offer complimentary materials such as door and window decals, open/closed signs and bill folders, designed for your industry and geographical area.

By clearly displaying American Express POP material, you maximise your potential to attract our Cardmembers

Consider the following Cardmember responses when asked about American Express signage1

  • Around two in three (64%) American Express Cardmembers look for signage to see if the Card is accepted. If they are not sure if American Express is accepted, one in four (25%) would go elsewhere to shop.
  • When oversees, 74% of American Express Cardmembers feel more comfortable patronising establishments that have American Express signage.

You can now order your complimentary POP online. To view and order your complimentary POP click here.

You can also order your complimentary POP online by calling on our Merchant helpline number- 1800 419 1414 (toll free) or 0124-2801414 (10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m), Monday to Saturday and (10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)on National Holidays/Important festivals).

You can also download our logos for use on your website, catalogues and invoices. For any further details please contact Merchant Services at above mentioned numbers.

1 Card Usage and Attitude Survey, December 2011. Source: TNS