Merchant Streamline Payments & Processing

Merchant Streamline Payments & Processing

When dealing with any of our Merchants, we believe in keeping things simple. Here you'll find the basic information you'll need once you have set up an American Express Merchant Account.

Settle Payments and Disputes


It's easy to reconcile American Express payments with your own records. We'll pay the net amount we owe you. We arrive at this amount by deducting the Discount Rate and Goods and Services Tax  on each transaction, prior to settlement, rather than asking for payment at the end of the month. We may also offset any adjustments to your Account, such as credits, refunds or Chargebacks.

Reconciling Your Account Statements


If you are receiving payment via direct deposit into your designated bank account, a weekly statement will be sent to you for your records. If you are receiving payment by cheque, a transmittal mentioning the summary of charge number, Discount Rate deducted and the net amount payable to you will accompany your payment cheque.

Access your account 24/7 with our My Merchant Account/Online Merchant Services (OMS)


My Merchant Account/OMS enables you to significantly reduce your effort when reconciling payments or managing your Account. This powerful business tool delivers payment reconciliation and account maintenance straight to your PC.


To register for My Merchant Account/OMS, contact Merchant Services today at 1800 419 1414 (Toll Free) or 0124 280 1414 (Landline) from Monday to Saturday (10am to 9pm).

Stay informed with mobile alerts



Don't want to wait for your statements or log on to My Merchant Account/OMS? We have an even faster way for you. Register with us for mobile alerts and you'll receive an instant message when your payment is released. Just fill in the Mobile Alert Form on your company's letterhead, stamped and signed by your authorised signatory and fax it to us at 0124-3363911.

Reduce Fraud and Chargebacks


Many disputed transactions are the result of fraudulent activity related to lost, stolen or counterfeit Cards. By being alert to fraudulent transactions you can help to reduce subsequent Disputes and Chargebacks.

A "Dispute" is a Charge for which a claim, question or complaint has arisen. A Cardmember is not the only one who could initiate an investigation to the Merchant. American Express can also raise inquiries to Merchants.

A "Chargeback" is our reimbursement from you for the amount of a Charge subject to such right; it refers to the amount of a Charge subject to reimbursement from you (sometimes called "Full Recourse" in our materials).

Introducing American Express SafeKeySM


American Express has been consistently supporting and providing our partners with industry leading protection against online fraud. As part of this commitment, we are launching a 3-D Secure® product called American Express SafeKeySM. It enables a higher level of security for your customers, providing them the confidence that industry standard measures have been taken to combat fraud.


Have a query?


We welcome your questions. Call our Merchant Services today at 1800 419 1414 (Toll Free) or 0124 280 1414 (Landline) from Monday to Saturday (10am to 9pm) or find the answer here.