Why American Express?

American Express helps businesses do more business

When you welcome American Express into your business, you gain unique access to a broad network of high-spending and loyal, consumer, small business and corporate Cardmembers.

American Express will help increase your revenue by attracting these high value customers, while growing and retaining your existing client base. The American Express brand signals security and trust to customers and prospects and supports their confidence to spend more with you; and in saying “yes” to your customers’ preferred form of payment you extend the highest level of service through the point of sale.

Consider the following research findings*.

  • More than two in three (69%) American Express Cardmembers stated that they would be influenced in their choice of where to shop or dine by American Express acceptance
  • Around two in three (66%) American Express Cardmembers considered establishments that accept American Express cards as more reputable, while 53% consider that they place more value on customer service.

American Express can help increase your businesses efficiency through our products and expertise to help manage your business, from optimizing cash flow to building greater efficiency with payments and processing. With our direct relationships with both Cardmember and Merchant, we can offer superior fraud protection through our Closed Loop network.

Closed Loop

American Express has a range of complimentary tools and materials for merchants to access. These can help remind Cardmembers about your business, wherever they are, and whenever they feel like spending, plus provide insights to aid in managing and growing your business . By helping you identify growth opportunities, we will help your business stay ahead of the curve.