Purchase Protection





Protect your shopping


Enjoy stress-free shopping when you use your American Express Card, with 90-day Purchase Protection. 



Purchase Protection


If your eligible item* is either stolen or accidentally damaged up to 90 days after you've bought it, we'll reimburse you up to £2,500.


*Excess of £50 applies. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Check your eligibility here.


purchase protection
refund protection



Refund Protection

Having trouble returning an item to a UK retailer? 


If you purchased the item on your American Express® Card, and the item is unused, submit a claim within 90 days and we’ll cover the purchase cost for eligible* items up to £200. 


Maximum cover is £750 in a 12 month period.


Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Minimum purchase value £25. Check your eligibility here.


*Please note some American Express Cards provide cover up to £300.





Terms of use


For details of eligible items, limitations and what exclusions apply, please refer to your Card's

insurance terms - these can be found in the insurance documentation that came with your Card, 

or under 'Read Insurance' at the bottom of each product page.  






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Not a Cardmember yet?


*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Check your eligibility here