American Express® Corporate Purchasing Card

Consolidate multiple supplier payments and drive more cost efficiencies.

Keep business payments in one place so you can track your spending, simplify reconciliation and negotiate better rates with suppliers.

Improve your procurement and payment procedure end-to-end with American Express® Corporate Purchasing Card.

American Express® Corporate Purchasing Card has been specifically designed to help you improve the way you manage your commodity spends and streamline your reconciliation process with greater control and savings. With itemized transaction details, faster reconciliation and enhanced payment process efficiencies, the Purchasing Card can be commonly used for purchases such as:

Telecom Services | Office Supplies | Utilities | Furniture | Hardware Devices | Meals and more.

Help drive savings and efficiency with a Corporate Purchasing Card

Control spending

Assign parameters for where and how Cards are used, and how much can be spent.

Gain insights

Receive detailed transaction information and data analysis to help inform decision-making.

Streamline operations

Assign Cards to help simplify payment and reconciliation and ensure compliance.

Manage payments

Take advantage of your payment terms to extend up to 51 days.1 

How does an American Express Corporate Purchasing Card work?


Set up your program

Work with your dedicated Account Manager to determine which of your expenses to convert to a Corporate Purchasing Card and which controls can offer the most value. 


Spend on your Card

Employees can spend within the limits you’ve set, including preferred suppliers, transaction and account limits, and purchase types.


Review and reconcile

Use the American Express @Work2 program to oversee policy compliance, identify opportunities to drive savings, and promptly pay your vendors—extending up to 51 days.1


Analyse and save

Take advantage of rich data from the Amex Insights platform to leverage purchasing volume with preferred suppliers so you can maximise rebates and drive meaningful savings.

Case Study

Case study: a national consulting firm finds a dual solution

The Challenge: A national consulting firm needed to update their expense management system to serve their central office and multiple field teams while driving compliance and cost reductions.


The Solution: The firm opted for the American Express Corporate Purchasing Card which allowed Program Administrators to set specific blocks and limits on transactions, which further helped remove the need for manual approvals in the purchasing process. Across the company, employees were able to spend less time manually inputting data into spreadsheets and more time innovating for success. Additionally, the program generated rich data feeds that the firm could integrate with their ERP to further streamline processes and find more efficient ways to spend.

Start your American Express Corporate Purchasing Card application

Fill out the application to request a call back from a Specialist to help you find the best solution to suit your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Important Information


1. Manage payments by extending up to 51 days: Depending on when you make a purchase and when your statement is issued.

2. American Express @Work is a business-to-business suite of online expense management solutions that enables you to deliver more effective supplier strategies, monitor compliance and streamline business processes.