The Various Benefits of Renting Car



“It’s not the destination that matters.  It’s the change of scene.”


 - Brian Eng




Why do we all love going on a holiday? Because it is fun and exciting; a change of scene from the daily routine and time spent with loved ones. Whether you travel within the country or abroad, a different new place always inspires and surprises you.  


However, reaching your destination is only part of the travel. You would need either public transport or a cab service to get around the place every day. Not having the right transport can ruin even the best-researched travel plans. 


Since public transport is not always convenient, and taxi fares can add up to a pretty penny in most places, car rentals can be a perfect solution.  The convenience of having a car rental at your beck and call is undeniable, whether you are travelling for work or pleasure.

Advantages of using Car Rental Services


The freedom to plan


You can plan your travel according to your convenience.  The schedule of public transport may not align with your itinerary, especially if it’s a public holiday. You can start the day whenever you
want, stop wherever you want, and make changes to your day as you go along.




Travelling using a car rental service is cost-effective as you don’t have to worry about the engine or car maintenance, and neither do you need to spend on pollution and other clearances. All these details are taken
care of by the owner, while you focus on packing in more experiences in the given time.


Comfort and convenience


Modern car rentals have made the process of booking a car simple and instant. All one has to do is, select a car and make a reservation online. The rental agency may ask you to make an advance payment online, or pay a part as advance and the rest at the end of your trip. All you then do is drive the car away from the agency on the confirmed date and time. Book, pay and zip!


High on technology


Most of the rental cars come equipped with the latest accessories, like GPS and Bluetooth-enabled speakers, to enhance your driving experience. You could ask for vehicles with video screens in the back for kids. Some of the car rental services may also have a hotline number for assistance.   

Disadvantages of using Car Rental Services


Although there are many good reasons to rent a car, there are a few concerns that you may like to keep in mind. 


Cost incurred           


The money spent on renting a car is non-refundable irrespective of whether you use it fully or not. You also need to return the car with a full gas tank. 


Caution required


You have to return a car in the same condition to the agency that it was when rented out. If not, you may end up paying for the damage caused during your use.


Unfamiliar controls


Each car is different and getting used to the controls and gear systems may take some time.  To avoid such confusion and, in some cases, an accident, it is always better to give yourself some time to adjust to the
controls before heading out.

Tips to follow when using a Car Rental Service


Renting a car, at times, can be a challenge, especially for first-timers or veteran travellers alike. To avoid such a situation, here are a few tips to follow that will make your car renting a memorable experience.


Look beyond the airport


Renting at the airport might be convenient, but it can be expensive due to taxes. Thus, the next best option would be to explore other places to rent cars. Make sure that the rental charges cover the costs of pickup and drop off as well.   


Do your homework


It is always advisable to look at various options before deciding on a car rental agency. Go for names that are well-known in the market and also offer discounts.




Use the insurance that you have taken in your car for rental. It is usually a good option when travelling within the country as opposed to overseas, where you might have to pay for car insurance.


Extra Charges


Rental agencies make money on the extras they offer you, for instance, GPS Navigation, Satellite Radio, and more.  Make sure to avoid paying for those services and try to choose a pay-for-what-you-need option.  Some rental agencies offer you gas or petrol at prices that might be higher than at a regular gas station.  It is recommended to do a little investigation and find out the best rates available.

Using your American Express® Card for Car Rentals


The Amex Platinum Card® offers different types of benefits while renting a car. Here are a few benefits that a Platinum Card offers:  


  • Car rental packages with Avis, Hertz, and National Car Rentals

  • Rental car insurance

Amex Platinum Cardholders also receive complimentary Emerald Club Executive Membership. Benefits include:


  • Choose your car from the Executive Selection Area

  • Upgrades when renting a full size through luxury car

  • Accelerated earnings toward free rental days

  • Speedy returns with an e-receipt