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Here's how to reach us:

If you have a question on servicing, or any other technical assistance that you require, simply call our Merchant Services at 1800 419 1414 (Toll Free) or 0124 280 1414 from Monday to Saturday (10am to 9pm IST).

For queries regarding merchant transaction authorisation, please call 1800 419 5960 (Toll Free) or 0124 280 1010 (Landline). The authorisation help desk is there to help you 24/7.

Need further assistance?

We've put together some answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Q. I am already an American Express Merchant. How do I find my Merchant number?

A. Your Merchant number can be found on the top left hand side of your statement. It is a ten-digit number, beginning with the digits 982 (Indian Merchants only). Alternatively, it reflects on the charge slip that comes out of your EDC machine (MID-982xxxxxxx).

Q. How quickly am I paid for my American Express transactions?

A. We pay as per the agreed payment plan with you, from the date we receive the charges.

Q. Why do you pay the net amount?

A. Net payments means we simply pay for the American Express charges, less the amount of the Merchant fee. We find this is a simpler & easier way of doing business, which means we are not regularly deducting fees from your bank account. We provide online or paper based reporting, which makes reconciliation and reporting easy for your business.

Q. How will you help me attract American Express Cardmembers?

A. American Express Cardmembers actively seek out merchants accepting American Express Cards. There is no better advertising for these customers than placing an American Express decal or other Point of Purchase materials at your location. The complimentary Point of Purchase materials that we provide are both useful to you, as well as telling our Cardmembers from across the globe that they’ll receive a warm welcome.
In addition, from time to time we work with our Merchants to design and execute marketing programs that are relevant to the business, and reward Cardmembers for their spending behavior.

Q. What is My Merchant Account/OMS?

A. My Merchant Account/OMS enables you to manage your account via the Internet. Once enrolled, you can view your statement quickly and securely, 24/7.

Q. Why should I manage my account online?

A. It’s quicker and easier to manage your American Express Merchant account online. In short, it saves you time. You will be able to manage your account, have access to your financial data, as well as the ability to download it.

With My Merchant Account/OMS you can:

  • Manage your account 24/7
  • View, and download, your statement whenever you need to.
  • Export your statement to a spreadsheet application, for further analysis.
  • Easily find date specific settlements, transactions, adjustments or Chargebacks on your account.
  • View financial data for all your branches with one User ID, making it easier if your payments are reconciled centrally.

Q. Do you charge for My Merchant Account/OMS?

A. No, we do not charge for My Merchant Account/OMS. It is a facility that we provide to you as our Merchant. Once you are a Merchant with American Express you can enroll for My Merchant Account/OMS. The benefits are that you can manage your account and readily view your statement quickly and securely, 24/7

Q. Can my employees have a different username and password for my account(s)?

A. Yes. You can have more than one User ID and password for your account, so every employee using My Merchant Account/OMS can have separate access to the same account.

Q. How far back does my online statement go?

A. My Merchant Account/OMS contains the last 13 months activity on your account. You can view and download 35 days of data at a time. You also have the option to print and file your statements.

Q. Can I export my financial data for further analysis?

A. Yes. You can export your statement details into spreadsheet applications like Microsoft® Excel.

Q. Can I view individual transactions online?

A. Yes. You can easily view submission and net payment amount along date of transaction and payment.

Q. Can I monitor disputed transactions using My Merchant Account/OMS?

A. No. My Merchant Account/OMS in India currently does not differentiate between normal and disputed transactions. However, once you are aware of a disputed transaction, you can easily locate it by matching the date and amount.

Q. What is a Dispute?

A. Occasionally, a Cardmember contacts American Express to query a charge, either because they don't recognise it, or require additional information about it. This is known as a 'Dispute'.

Q. What is a Chargeback?

A. When a Cardmember disputes a Charge, we check the details of the transaction with the Merchant. If there's reason to uphold the Dispute, we credit the Cardmember's account, and debit the Merchant's account with the transaction amount. This is known as a 'Chargeback'.

Q. Would I be notified of a Dispute or Chargeback?

A. If a Cardmember questions a Charge and the data we hold is insufficient to resolve the issue, we may contact you for further information. We'll send you a 'Request for Information Letter', outlining the reason for the dispute and specifying the documents we require from you. Please ensure that you respond fully by the reply-by date indicated on the letter.

In certain circumstances, we initiate a Chargeback without sending a Request for Information letter. An example of this is with Merchants who receive a lot of disputes, or conduct transactions in what we consider risky business environments.

If any enquiry results in a Chargeback to your account, we will notify you accordingly.

Q. What is fraud, and how does it affect me?

A. Fraud comes in many forms, like stolen and counterfeit Cards, for example. It's likely you'll have to deal with attempted fraud at some point, so it's important you recognise the telltale signs to avoid fraudulent transactions. If you're slow to react, it can result in loss of goods and revenue through Chargebacks.

Q. How can I avoid fraudulent transactions, Disputes and Chargebacks?

A. We take the security of your business very seriously, that’s why we provide guidelines to help you avoid fraudulent activity, whichever type of transaction you are dealing with. Refer to Reduce Fraud and Chargeback section on Streamline Payments page to find more about how to avoid Fraud, Disputes and Chargeback.

Q. Who can I contact if I have questions about Fraud, Dispute or Chargeback?

A. We are here to answer all your questions. You can call Merchant Services at 1800 419 1414 (Toll Free) or 0124 280 1414 (Landline) from Monday to Saturday (10am to 9pm).