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Enjoy faster payments with contactless


Contactless is the easy way to pay for purchases up to INR 5000* with your American Express Card. Simply hold your Card over the contactless reader, wait for the beep and you’re done. With every contactless transaction, you're covered by the same fraud protection, best-in-class service and Cardmember rewards.




How to use your contactless Card

step 1

Check your Card has the

contactless symbol 

step 2

Check the shop or the Card

reader displays the contactless logo

step 3

For transactions up to INR 5000*, simply hold your Card close to the reader and wait for the beep.




Merchant  Logo



Where can you use American Express



Enjoy the freedom to pay at thousands of retailers wherever you see the American Express contactless payment logo.

Frequently Asked Questions


To find out more about contactless, click here







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**Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

*Please be advised that few of our merchant terminals are still undergoing the upgrade process, to support Contactless Transactions upto ₹5000, without PIN authentication. We regret inconvenience, caused, if any, during this transition period