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Optional Services

We offer a range of optional services for the Corporate Card Program. Each service requires corporate agreement. Please make sure to submit the required corporate agreement forms prior to Card Member's registration forms.

For any inquiries regarding optional services, please contact the Corporate Services Center.

Corporate Services Center

03-6625-9110(9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays)


American Express @ Work®

American Express @ Work is an online tool for Corporate Card Program Authorizing Officers, which is free of charge.

 @ Work Reporting

@ Work Reporting (Report function)

This function enables you to easily access and process data for expense budget management and analysis at any time. You also have access to various types of fixed format reports as well as customized reports that can be tailored to a variety of needs, all in a secure environment.

 Online Program Management

Online Program Management (Account management function)

This function will enable you to manage your card accounts, cancel or suspend cards and to check your Card Members’ statements.

*If you have already enrolled in @ Work and wish to add this function, an additional step is required. Please register to complete the “Modify access for existing User” section of the enrolment form.


@ Work Access enrolment

The enrolment form must be completed by the Company’s registered Authorizing Officer or Contact Person. Please note that the 15-digit Control Account Number starting with 010 is required to enrol. We will send you a “Confirmation of Registration” email usually within 7-10 business days.

@ Work Inquiries

03-6625-9110(9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays) will respond to you usually within 7-10 business days from the same email address.)

*Please note that our Corporate Services Center will only be able to respond to inquiries from your company’s registered Authorizing Officer or Contact Person.

Expense Management Solutions

You can drastically reduce the expense account settlement operations of employees by linking their corporate expense account settlement system with their American Express Corporate Cards. American Express sends transaction records every day, which can then be reflected in your corporate expense account settlement system in a timely manner. This also eliminates the hassle of inputting information for each expense item in your system. If you would like more detailed information about our Expense Management Solutions, please contact our Sales Representative or the Corporate Services Center.​


Examples of Linkable Expense Management Solutions ​

※Please contact our Sales Representative or the Corporate Services Center for more Expense Management Solutions which can be linked.

Concur Expense

(SAP Concur)

Raku Raku Seisan

(RAKUS Co., Ltd.)

Keihi BankⅡ

(SBI Business
Solutions Co., Ltd.)

Money Forward Cloud Expense

(Money Forward, Inc.)

*All of the above are third party websites, available in Japanese language only.

American Express® JR TOKAI Express Corporate Card

American Express JR TOKAI Express Corporate Card

The American Express JR TOKAI Express Corporate Card provides many attractive benefits in addition to the range of services available with the American Express Corporate Card. You will be able to choose either JR TOKAI Express Corporate Cards or regular Corporate Cards depending on the frequency of Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen usage.
If you are considering applying, please contact our Sales Representative or Corporate Services Center.

*American Express charges an annual service fee for the Express Reservation service in addition to the American Express Annual Membership Fee of 1,375 yen (tax included).
*Your application is subject to a screening process by the Central Japan Railway Company.

ANA@desk /JAL Online

 ANA@desk /JAL Online

American Express Corporate Card Members can make airline reservations for domestic flights online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
A company is counted as one person for each reservation, so you can take full advantage of discounted coupon tickets.

* Registration is free of charge.
* If you would like to use both the ANA@desk and JAL Online, you will be required to submit a separate application for each service.

* You’ll be redirected to a third-party website.

* You’ll be redirected to a third-party website.

ETC Card

 ETC Card

Each Corporate Card Member can apply for up to five ETC cards. Toll fees are automatically charged to the user's American Express Corporate Card or Corporate Purchasing Solution (CPS), making it easy for companies to monitor and analyze expenses as well as control spending.

* ETC card annual membership fee: 550 yen (tax included) per card
* The ETC card will be delivered approximately one week after submitting the enrolment form.

Cash Advance Services – Corporate Express Cash®

Card Members can take advantage of Corporate Express Cash (a cash advance service) when in need of cash on business travel in Japan or overseas. Card Members can withdraw cash at ATMs located in Japan or overseas, which include ATMs in convenience stores, banks, and Japan Post Bank branches.
Please note that some ATMs have terminated our cash advance service. For full details, please click here.

This service must be applied for in advance. Please have the registered Authorizing Officer or Contact Person contact the Corporate Services Center to ask for the application form.

* Corporate Express Cash is considered a business loan. Corporate Members are asked to use this cash advance service under their own responsibility, regardless of which party retains liability for payment.

Kanto Financial Bureau (13) No.00405

Membership Rewards® Program Enrolment

We offer two types of Membership Rewards programs. Enrolment is required by your Company and each individual Card Member.

1. Regular Membership Rewards program

This program allows enrolled employees to accumulate points for themselves. They can redeem points for various items, as well as transfer to miles or vouchers with partner airlines and hotel groups. For details about the program, please see the Membership Rewards Guide (PDF) below.

Program annual fee: 4,400 yen (tax included) per Card

2. Corporate Membership Rewards program

This program allows the company to accumulate points across multiple Cards and use them to achieve tangible savings. They can take advantage of paying with points with TripFlex® and Flexible Savings to enable cost reductions.

Program annual fee: 2,200 yen (tax included) per Card

Manage your Corporate Card Program anytime, anywhere with @ Work®

Make the most of this powerful online tool, giving you full visibility and control of your company’s Corporate Cards. Log in safely and securely online.

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