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Welcome to the business customer centre. Whether you’re just getting started, managing an existing Account or simply curious of the amazing features and benefits of your Card, navigate your way through the centre to get the most from your Card.

Getting started
Getting started

Activate your new Card

Start taking advantage of everything your Card has to offer by activating it online or through the American Express® App.

Set up your Online Account

Get the most out of your Cardmembership via your Online Account. Simply set up your unique User ID and Password for instant, secure access. You can also set this up in the Amex App once you have downloaded it.

Download the Amex App on iPhone or Android

From temporarily freezing your Card to checking out the latest Amex Offers, manage your Account safely and securely anytime, anywhere with the Amex App.

How to make a payment

You can choose what is convenient to you, from a variety of ways to make your monthly payments via Desktop or Amex App. For peace of mind, you can set up Card alerts to receive SMS and email payment notifications. Either pay by:

  1. Pay with Bank Transfer
  2. Direct Debit
  3. Using a debit card

Set up a mobile wallet

Tap and pay with just your phone by adding your Card to Apple Pay, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay, providing four layers of protection to keep your mobile payments secure. From fingerprint and facial recognition to instant fraud alerts; every contactless mobile payment is authorised by us.

Mobile Pay








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