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American Express® Corporate Purchasing Solution

Simplify spending with flexibility and control

Keep business payments in one place so you can track your spending, simplify reconciliation and negotiate better rates with suppliers.

An easy way to streamline your purchasing process

The Corporate Purchasing Solution (CPS) allows you to consolidate regular payments to vendors and suppliers within a single account, set limits on how and with whom your employees can spend, and gain insights into your spending patterns so that you can negotiate rates with preferred suppliers.

Help drive savings and efficiency with a Corporate Purchasing Solution

Control spending

Customize spending limits and supplier controls.

Streamline operations

Simplify payment and reconciliation processes whilst helping to ensure compliance with company policies.

Gain insights

Receive detailed analysis reports to help inform decision-making.

Manage cash flow

Manage cash flow by extending float.

How does a Corporate Purchasing Solution work?


Set up your program

Determine which of your expenses to convert to a Corporate Purchasing Solution and which controls can offer the most value. Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you every step of the way.


Spend on your Card

Employees can spend within the limits you’ve set, including preferred suppliers, transaction and account limits, and purchase types.


Review and reconcile

Use the American Express @ Work® to oversee policy compliance, identify opportunities to drive savings, and promptly pay your vendors.


Analyse and save

Take advantage of detailed reports to leverage purchasing volume with preferred suppliers so you can drive meaningful savings.

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