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Business to Business Solutions

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Corporate Purchasing Card


The American Express Corporate Purchasing Card (CPC) is a business to business procurement solution that streamlines the purchasing to payment process for customers and their suppliers.  Accepting the Card is simple and the order process remains unchanged.  The only difference is that now you submit the invoice electronically, charing it to your customer's Card.



Corporate Purchasing Cards


To apply for a Corporate Purchasing Card, download and complete our application form, following the instructions in our sample step-by-step guide.




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Contact the Corporate Purchasing Card Team.





The Corporate Purchasing Card can be used for spend across many commodities and brings you benefits such as:


Payment in 5 banking days from when you submit a payment. Have greater control over your cashflow with payments directly into your bank account.

Help manage debt write off. We make payments to you for every invoice you process on your Corporate Purchasing Card, reducing your risk of unpaid invoices.

Process Improvements. Payments via Corporate Purchasing Card simplifies and speeds up your invoice process, which means less time is wasted on chasing unpaid invoices.

Opportunity to secure new business. We provide you the opportunity to captire business from companies who use the American Express CPC card who you do not currently trade with.