Here is How Merchants Can Streamline Payments & Processing

Here is How Merchants Can Streamline Payments & Processing

Everything you need is online. When managing your account with American Express - the best place to find all the information you need is online.


Single Euro Payments Area


Make and receive payments more efficiently and securely.




How and when we pay


Learn how to make and recieve payments to and from American Express.




Understanding your statement


A detailed breakdown of the contents of your statement.




Useful Downloads


Quickly view all of the information published by American Express to help you as a Merchant in one place.



Payment Terms


Once you've submitted your transaction, the number of working days before you receive a payment will depend on your individual payment plan. Our standard payment plan is five (5) business days from when we receive your submitted transactions.


American Express is always looking for ways to improve our service to merchants. As a leader in the payments industry we have worked closely with the Faster Payments Scheme Ltd to offer small businesses a fatser way to receive payment for submitted transactions in order to improve cash flow.


To find out if your business is currently eligible please call us on 0800 032 7216.



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