Contactless Payments



70% of in-store transactions by American Express® Local Cardmembers in the UK in 2020 were contactless.*You can accept up to £100 with American Express contactless payments. 

If your terminal does not accept contactless payments, please contact your point of sale provider. 

Contactless payments—where customers simply hover their card, smart watch or mobile device over the card reader until they get the ok—are not only a faster way to pay, they keep the checkout process cleaner by reducing exposure to health risks for both customers and employees. It’s one quick tap. Simple. Safe. Secure




How contactless payments improve checkout experience?


Contactless takes less time than exchanging cash or swiping/inserting a Card. So transactions are quicker and interactions are shorter. 


No signatures, no touching the terminal, and less time spent between customer and cashier. 


Protected by proven encryption, contactless payments are as secure as chip technology. 

Promotes Choice

Customers can pay the way they want—with a contactless Card or their digital wallet. 

How it Works

Here’s what customers do:

Step 1

Look for the Contactless Indicator on their Card.

Step 2

Tap the Contactless Card or device at the terminal.

Step 3

Once the Card is authenticated and the transaction approved, they're on their way.

Here’s what you do:

The Contactless Symbol and Contactless Indicator are trademarks owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.

Digital Wallets


Already accepting contactless Card payments? You can also accept digital wallet payments from customers via their smart watch or mobile device. Digital wallets allow customers to make contactless payments up to and above the £100 limit.


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