Disputes, Charges & Fraud

Disputes, Charges & Fraud

Find out how you can reduce the likelihood of a dispute happening,the main things you should do if a Cardmember initiates one and how avoid the risk of fraud.




A dispute arises when a Cardmember notifies American Express about a charge on their statement which they do not recognise, request further information for or challenge.





A chargeback is where after investigation of the dispute we debit your account by the amount of the disputed transaction and credit the Cardmember with the same amount.





Card fraud may be one of the fastest growing crimes, but good old fashioned vigilance is still an effective deterrent. So long as you do your bit, we'll do our bit.




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Preventing Disputes


There are some steps you can take to reduce or prevent disputes occurring.






  • Help the Cardmember recognise the transaction.  Provide as much detail as possible (like hotel room number, for example)
  • Advise Cardmembers of your returns and refunds policy.  So they know what to expect if the goods are damaged, or an order is subsequently cancelled
  • Ensure you request an Authorization code. Never split a charge to avoid your floor limit, or to avoid authorization
  • Be especially vigilant with signature Cards.  Ensure you check the signature against the one on the Card
  • Check all cards carefully. Be sure that the Card has not been altered or damaged, and has not expired
  • Ensure your trading name appears correctly on Cardmember statements. This will help Cardmembers recognise your establishment and their transactions with you. To check we hold your correct trading name, call our Merchant Customer Services Team
  • Keep all records of sales and charges. This will help us to explain charges made on Cardmember statements
  • Be suspicious of orders with different delivery and billing addresses, orders for large numbers of identical items, and requests for immediate delivery of expensive items.

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Our Disputes videos will help you understand what disputes are, and common disputes and how to resolve them. 

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