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Payment Processing Network Connection Solutions

Processing American Express Card transactions just got easier.


American Express offers you cost effective, flexible options for connecting to our network for fast and efficient processing of American Express Cardmember transactions. Whether you're a merchant, third part processor, gateway or point-of-sale manufacturer, our connectivity solutions can work for you.


Internet Direct Key Features


Leverage your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect directly to the American Express network for authorisation and settlement of American Express Card transactions.


With Internet Direct processing, there are no incremental cost to you because there are no additional communication expenses or routers to purchase and maintain.


Email us for more information about Internet Direct.



Key Features

Process American Express Card transactions with ease and confidence:


No transaction volume constraints.

Works in Card-present and Card-not-present environments.

Supports ISP terminals, integraed point-of-sale (POS) systems and more.

Use your existing ISP, no additional communications expense or routers required.

Transaction speeds of one to three seconds.

Fault tolerance and two site redundancy ensure your American Express Card Transactions can be processed anytime day or night.

Flexible deployment options including real-time XML authorisations and submissions.

182 bit SSL encryption security.



Payment SDK Key Features


Why spend unnecessary time on integration? Our payment SDK will help accelerate the development process so you can begin processing directly with American Express.  What's more, with the full source code included, you can innovate new solutions that will help your business stand out from the competition.


To learn more email us or download our Payment SDK from our Global Merchant Specifications website.


What's Included For You

Developer Specific

Full featured. fully functional Payment App

.NET and Java Sample applications, with source code, integration examples

License and legal guide for SDK use



Developer Environment


Key Features

Digital development tools helping you get to market faster


  • Available for the JAVA and .NET/C# platforms.
  • The Authorization SDK manages the communication elements to integrate with our Internet Direct platform as well as VPN and MPLS.
  • The Submission SDK manages communication with American Express Secure File Transfer (SFT) to enable a secure payment solution.