Who are American Express Cardmembers?

Who are American Express Cardmembers?

Who are American Express Cardmembers?


When American Express Cardmembers walk through your door, you'll find yourself welcoming customers with high spending power.


In fact, our Cardmembers spend more money, on average, than any other credit card holders. According to research undertaken in November 20111, it was found that in a three month period American Express Cardmembers spend on average 43% more than non-Cardmembers.


As well as all of this, our Cardmembers are loyal to American Express, and the Merchants who welcome our Cards. Accepting our Cards encourages more Cardmembers to spend with you. 46% of American Express Cardmembers are more likely to try a new merchant if they accept our cards2. Plus it pays to show Cardmembers that you take the card, 82% of American Express Cardmember say they typically determine if a merchant accepts American Express at the merchant by looking for signage or by asking if the business accepts the card.3

Higher Spending Power


American Express Cardmembers spend more on average possibly because they’ve got more spending power. The average annual pre-tax household income of an American Express Cardmember is £43,320, almost 27% higher than the non-Cardmembers’ average of £31,8401.

Greater Loyalty


In an age when people change their credit cards as readily as their mobiles, you may be interested to learn that American Express Cardmembers are extraordinarily loyal to their Cards. This brings benefits to you, because it means they’re more likely to bring their extra spending power to your business.

Amongst American Express Cardmembers:

  • 87% are loyalty programme members, i.e. they earn points, rewards, cashback or miles with their American Express Consumer Card.
  • 46% are more likely to try a new merchant when they see the American Express logo. 
  • 52% actively look out for American Express signs before going to the merchant either by calling ahead or looking at catalogues or website. Does your communication tell customers you accept American Express? 
  • 65% would choose a merchant that accepts American Express over one that doesn’t.1


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