Accept Card Payments In Store

Accept Card Payments In Store

Taking card payments in store can help your business keep up in an increasingly cashless world. More customers and extensive business support; here’s how accepting American Express® Card payments could help your business grow.


Why accept card payments?



Cash use has seen a gradual decline over the past decade, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, ATM withdrawals were down 60% year-on-year in March 2020.1  Accepting card payments helps you cover all customer preferences and is a quick, easy and safe method of payment. There’s a long list of benefits for your business: 



You won’t have to turn away customers who don’t carry cash, meaning you won’t
lose sales.


Better customer service. Accepting
card payment allows you more flexibility; for a smoother experience that could
help build consumer trust and loyalty. 


 higher spending.

By accepting credit cards, customers won’t be limited by the physical cash in their pocket. 


Card payments can be contactless. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of no-contact purchases – both for yours and your customers’ safety. 


It’s easier than dealing with cash. Checkout is quicker with card transactions. 


It’s more secure.
Having less cash on site means fewer theft worries and greater peace of mind. 

Why should you accept American Express Card Payments? 


Businesses of all sizes can benefit from our competitive and transparent pricing, speedy payment options and best-in-class solutions to help prevent fraud and disputes.

We encourage American Express Cardmembers to support local communities through our Shop Small promotions and
campaign, so our valued customers can become yours too. Here’s what’s so special about them:

They spend more. UK American Express Cardmembers

have a 27% higher average transaction value and a 2.7x spend frequency than non-American Express Cardmembers.2

They’re loyal to American Express. 74% of UK American Express Cardmembers report they agree American Express is their payment method of choice for retail purchases.3

They’re loyal to the businesses who welcome our
Some 75% of American Express Cardmembers visit the same merchant more than 5x per year, and 48% of small businesses found they received an

American Express Card transaction just two weeks after displaying American Express signage.4


How to accept Credit Card payments from American Express


Ready to start accepting American Express or want to learn more about Credit Card processing for small businesses? Call us on 0800 339 911 (Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 18:00) or
request a call back from one of our Sales Representatives to discuss how you can start accepting American Express payments.



What merchant services does American Express offer?


The American Express merchant website provides a suite of
tools to help you not only accept card payments but more effectively run and grow your business:


  • Online Merchant services account – view and
    download settlements, submissions and transactions whenever you need to.
  • Stay up-to-date and prevent disputes to resolve them as quickly as possible.   
  • Order complementary signage and merchandise to attract American Express customers, including window decals and point-of-purchase materials to let them know you say ‘yes’ to American Express. 56% of UK American Express Cardmembers report they agree they are more likely to shop at a business that has clear signage indicating American Express is accepted.5
  • 24/7 support from our experts - we're here whenever you need help, with Live Chat and our interactive 'WalkMe' assistance.
Take the guesswork out of your rates


American Express Credit Card processing



What happens when you take an American Express Card payment? The process is simple:



1.  Your customer completes a transaction


2.  The transaction record comes
through to American Express


3.  American Express debits
the Cardmember’s Account


4.  American Express credits the merchant’s Account,
and according to the payment termsthis amount is then paid directly into the bank account provided

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