Application Fee Credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck ®

Receive either a $100 statement credit for Global Entry or a credit of up to $85 for TSA PreCheck after you apply through any Authorized Enrollment Provider. Only one credit will be given in a 4 year period for Global Entry or in a 4.5 year period for TSA PreCheck, depending on whichever application fee is charged to your eligible American Express® Card first.

The application fee credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck is available to American Express Gold Corporate Card Members, Consumer Platinum Card® Members, Corporate Platinum Card Members, Business Platinum Card Members, Consumer Centurion® Members, Corporate Centurion® Members, Business Centurion® Members, Delta SkyMiles® Platinum Card Members, Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Card Members, Delta SkyMiles® Platinum Business Card Members, Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Business Card Members, and Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ American Express® Card Members.

Additional Card Members on Consumer and Business Platinum and Centurion accounts also receive the benefit when the Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application fee is charged to their eligible Card.


For Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Card, Delta SkyMiles Platinum Card, Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card, Delta SkyMiles Platinum Business Card, and Delta SkyMiles Reserve Business Card either the Basic Card Member or the Additional Card Member(s) on the same account can receive the benefit when charged to their eligible Card. The first application fee charged to the eligible American Express® Card will receive the credit. Please note, there is only one (1) statement credit in a 4- year period for Global Entry or in a 4.5 year for TSA PreCheck available per Card account.

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Review the information below to learn more about each program:1

  Transportation Security Administration
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
TSA PreCheck
Global Entry
Eligibility Required U.S. citizens (includes dual-citizens) and Lawful Permanent Residents U.S. citizens, Lawful Permanent Residents2 and citizens of certain other countries3
Application Fee Up to $85 (5 year membership) $100 (5 year membership)
Passport Required No Yes; or Lawful Permanent Resident card
Application Process Apply online, then visit an enrollment center to provide fingerprints and valid identification. Apply online, attend an in-person interview.
Program Experience Expedited Screening in TSA PreCheck lanes. Expedited clearance through CBP at airports upon arrival in U.S. and expedited processing through CBP at land border when entering the U.S. Includes the TSA PreCheck experience.
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Apply for TSA PreCheck Here

Use eligible Card to pay for application fee

Apply for Global Entry Here

Use eligible Card to pay for application fee

Have additional questions about this benefit? Please call the number on the back of your Card.


  1. The information in the above chart was provided by the Department of Homeland Security. American Express has no control over changes to the Global Entry and TSA PreCheck programs. Visit and for more information and to confirm the program requirements for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck.
  2. Lawful permanent residents, enrolled in a CBP program, are not yet eligible for TSA PreCheck. They will be able to begin participation this summer.
  3. For a list of eligible citizens, visit