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Managing Money

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Maintaining a business in a rapidly changing climate can feel overwhelming. Thus the importance of learning the language of the market. From business structure to budgets to balance sheets, learn what you need to make sure your business is financially sound and prepared for any obstacles that may come your way.



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Making Money Moves 

Courtney Adeleye of The Mane Factor shares her insights on money management. 


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What I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business - Lesson 2

Tiffany "Budgetnista" Aliche discusses the ins and outs of money management. 


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3 Key Strategies to Help Drive Profitable Growth

Offering a new product or service can be a great way to drive profitability in your company—if you do it with intention.


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4 Steps to Securing Capital in the Midst of COVID-19

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way in which businesses operate. These four steps can help you survive this crisis, and eventually thrive.


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What I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business - Lesson 1

Tiffany "Budgetnista" Aliche discusses the ins and outs of money management. 


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A Balancing Act: Cash Flow Management

Managing cash flow for consistency is the best way to ensure your business remains solvent, while allowing you to have funds on hand for shortfalls or emergencies.


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How To Build a Financial Network of Advisors

Your network of financial advisors is as important to your business growth as your customers are, so build it carefully and wisely.


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