Guide to Credit Score and Credit Reports

Learn more about your credit score and how to manage it.

Buy now, pay later arrangements could soon help you build your credit score – but only if you pay on time. Learn how to make these services work in your favor.

Credit history is the record of how you repay your credit cards, loans, and other debts. Learn what it takes to establish good credit with this intro to credit history.

If your credit scores are different depending on where you look, don’t worry. There are many reasons why your credit score can differ – and most of them are normal.

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FICO Scores vs Credit Scores


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What Is a FICO Score? Do FICO Scores Really Matter?


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What Are UltraFICO and the Other New Credit Scores?


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What Affects Your Credit Score?


There are many factors that can influence your credit score. Find out how late payments, debt and credit history can impact your score.

How Often Does a Credit Score Update?


Find out how often a credit score updates – is it a day, or does it take a month to see changes in your credit report?

Late payments stay on your credit report for years and can only be deleted if they’re incorrect. Here’s how to remove erroneous late payments from your credit report.

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