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Give Mom the Gift of Travel: Getaway Ideas for Mother’s Day

Need a Mother’s Day trip idea? From beach trips and outdoor adventures to food, wine, and wellness, there are plenty of getaway gifts to consider.

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For moms who love to travel, a Mother’s Day getaway might be just what the doctor ordered.

There are plenty of local and international destinations to consider, suitable for moms with all kinds of interests.

If a trip isn’t in the cards, an essential travel-related accessory could be a great gift for a globe-trotting mom.

Have a mom who loves to travel? What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than through a memorable gift that speaks to mom’s wanderlust? For those in need of destination inspiration, I’ve sifted through countless recommended getaway ideas to compile a list of frequently mentioned locations for your consideration. From weekend wellness getaways to international excursions for cultural connoisseurs, read on to discover some Mother’s Day trip ideas – plus a list of a few essential, travel-related accessories.

Mother’s Day Trip Ideas: The Beachgoer

While May might be a bit too cool to relax on a beach in the Northeast U.S., moms who prefer to walk the beach – or simply be near the water – may find solace in a weekend getaway to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a family-friendly destination known for its pristine coastline and rich history. 


Of course, there are plenty of options if warm-weather relaxation is the goal. To the southeast, consider Florida. Miami, for example, offers a high-energy beach getaway that fuses clear water, blue skies, and buzzing city life. For something a bit more laid back, consider a trip through the Florida Keys – a 120-mile stretch of islands with plenty of beaches to explore.


For moms looking for an international getaway, consider Punta Cana, the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic. With turquoise waters, more than a dozen white-sand beaches, and lodging options for all tastes and budgets, this Caribbean destination can offer a luxurious experience for moms ready to soak up the sun..

Mother’s Day Trip Ideas: The Wellness Enthusiast

Being a mom – or a parent, for that matter – is a full-time job, so we’d be hard-pressed to find a mom who wouldn’t enjoy some R & R time at the spa. For moms who prefer to stay local, call a nearby spa ahead of booking to learn if they have any special Mother’s Day deals or packages. Some locations may offer vouchers with flexible dates, if you think your giftee would rather make their own arrangements.


For moms who’d rather get away for a weekend or longer, there are plenty of destinations around the country that offer relaxing massages, soaks, foot scrubs, and more. From luxurious, mountain-based healing retreats in the Catskills, New York, and Boulder, Colorado, to award-winning fitness and wellness retreats in California, many U.S.-based spas and wellness resorts offer Mother’s Day specials that range from exclusive discounts to special brunches and dinners.

Mother’s Day Trip Ideas: The Foodie

Culinary walking tours are available at many tourist destinations around the country. These tours tend to mix gastronomic experiences with lessons about architecture and history. Tours of this kind can be a great option for couples or families with older children who can follow the tour on foot and enjoy the different tastes and textures of America. Some oft-mentioned foodie destinations with culinary tours include New Orleans, Louisiana; Savannah, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Austin, Texas; San Francisco, California; and Seattle, Washington.


For moms with a sweet tooth, a chocolate tour could be an indulgent way to spend an afternoon. Cities like New York City and San Francisco, for example, also host walking tours that visit top-tier chocolatiers while offering a taste of history.

Mother’s Day Trip Ideas: The Wine Lover

Whether your mom loves red, white, rosé, or bubbly, a Mother’s Day getaway to Napa Valley, California, might be an obvious choice. But there are plenty of other select vineyards and wine-growing regions worth visiting throughout the U.S. Some West Coast alternatives include the Willamette Valley region in Oregon, known for being one of the premier pinot noir–producing areas in the world. Or, about 600 miles south of the Willamette Valley lies Sonoma County, California, which offers alternate takes on pinot noir, as well as some renowned chardonnay and syrah. 


For an East Coast wine-fueled getaway, consider checking out Newport, Rhode Island, where you can find wineries with exquisite, locally sourced dining experiences – in addition to great wine. On the other side of the Long Island Sound, the east end of Long Island is known for elegant, fruit-forward reds. Or head north to the Finger Lakes region of New York, where you can find wine tours – and sightseeing – along the Cayuga Lake, Seneca Lake, and Keuka Lake Wine Trails.

Mother’s Day Trip Ideas: The Cultural Connoisseur

For moms looking for an international excursion, how about Italy or France? Some things are cliché for a reason: they work. Classic Italian itineraries might include the capital city of Rome, or perhaps Verona, a great northern Italy alternative for those looking to avoid the crowds common in Venice. For moms interested in southern Italy, many travel experts recommend heading to Naples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with ancient churches, palaces, and subterranean tunnels worthy of exploration.


In France, consider the charming countryside appeal – not to mention the lavender fields – of Provence. Or perhaps a trip to Paris, where there are plenty of travel deals and packages tailored to a memorable experience at this historic French capital.


For a trip rich in ageless culture, try Greece, the birthplace of democracy, western literature, and western philosophy. A trip through the Greek Isles offers ancient architecture sure to take the breath away from history-loving moms, not to mention the dramatic sunsets in Santorini and Mykonos.


For moms who’d rather stay in the States, Chicago houses world-class museums and myriad gastronomic experiences and ethnic cuisines, on top of its beautiful and culturally rich architecture. Similarly, New York City boasts its well-known Museum Mile, a nearly 30-block stretch of world-class galleries and museums. Meanwhile, locations like Boston, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C., offer plenty of sights and tours for moms with a penchant for U.S. history.

Mother’s Day Trip Ideas: The Outdoor Adventurer

If hikes and fresh air sounds like heaven to your mom, you can’t go wrong with America’s National Parks. From Yosemite and Yellowstone to Utah’s Mighty 5 experience and the Grand Canyon (one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World), these destinations offer breathtaking view for moms ready to experience natural beauty at its fullest.


Alternative options include the colorful desert landscape of Sedona, Arizona, where red rocks against a blue-sky backdrop provide unforgettable views. Another plus? The town is known for great spas, shopping, and over 200 hiking paths.


For a west coast Mother’s Day trip, consider Big Sur, California: the longest – and arguably most scenic – stretch of undeveloped coastline in the U.S. Aside from abundant beautiful views and photo ops, visitors can hike along the Pine Ridge Trail or the Mount Manuel Trail.

Other Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love to Travel

If planning a Mother’s Day trip isn’t in the cards – or if you’d like to supplement travel plans with a physical gift – consider the following must-have travel accessories:


  • Toiletry bottle set: The TSA has strict rules when it comes to liquid, gel, and cream products. Frequent flyers might like to be gifted a new set of TSA-approved containers, which often come with sticker labels and a convenient pouch for packing. This way, moms can keep up with their hair and skin care routines on the go.

  • Noise-canceling headphones: What good is a relaxing retreat if mom can’t enjoy a quiet flight back home? If mom is a music-lover, consider a pair of noise-canceling headphones to make flights – or train rides – a bit more comfortable. Plus, it’s a gift (of silence) that they can still use at home.

  • Luggage organizer: For moms always looking to add a bit more order to their lives, a set of luggage organizers can ensure that all clothes, shoes, toiletries, and technology have their own place. Luggage organizers also save space, making it possible to squeeze in that extra outfit or pair of shoes that would otherwise be left behind.

  • Portable travel steamer: This Mother’s Day travel gift tip comes directly from my mom. Her justification: Ironing and steaming services at hotels can rack up a sizable bill. Portable mini steamers, on the other hand, not only remove every wrinkle from that suitcase-squashed flowy sundress, but they can also kill germs and help eliminate odors – all for a fraction of the hotel-bill cost. 

  • Luggage: A sturdy (and perhaps stylish) luggage set is necessary for short and long trips alike. If mom is still lugging around suitcases from the ’80s, it might be time for a new set. Just make sure the dimensions are TSA-approved. Some luggage sets even have built-in scales to make the TSA-approved packing process easier.

The Takeaway

Mother’s Day travel doesn’t have to be on Mother’s Day. For moms who love to travel, gifting a trip for Mother’s Day can be a great way to help inspire a getaway mom never would have planned otherwise. No matter your mom’s interests, there are plenty of travel opportunities in all four corners of the globe. With luck, the above suggestions will get those getaway wheels rolling – be it for this Mother’s Day or one in the future.

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