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Payments on track.
Capital on hand.

Strengthen cash flow by paying your U.S.-based vendors through Working Capital Terms.

As an eligible* American Express Business Card Member, you can enroll once with no credit check1, then get ongoing access to funds between $500 and $150,000 per loan to pay vendors as often as you need2.

We pay your vendors up front, you pay us back later.

Once enrolled, easily add vendors by providing their business and bank information. For your protection, we may need up to an additional 2 business days to verify the vendor information you provide.

1. Pick your vendor.
Select a vendor from those you’ve added and tell us how much you want to pay them.2
2. Choose your term.
Take your pick of a 30, 60, or 90 day term with a corresponding fixed fee starting at 0.6% - 1.75%, 1.2% - 3.5%, or 1.8% - 5.25%.2
3. We pay your vendor.
We send payment to your eligible vendor via ACH within 2 business days and make it clear the payment came from your business.

For your protection, we may need up to an additional 2 business days to verify the vendor information you provide.

4. You pay us back.
The amount you requested plus your fixed fee are auto-debited from your bank account at the end of the term.
Do it again.
Request to pay as many eligible vendors as you want, as many times as you want up to your available borrow amount.2

Estimate your cost.

Enter an amount between $500 and $150,000
Assuming a fixed fee of 0.6%
total amount owed
Assuming a fixed fee of 1.2%
total amount owed
Assuming a fixed fee of 1.8%
total amount owed
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Your one-stop shop for vendor payments.

With Working Capital Terms, you can manage every detail of vendor payments from your American Express online account—even from your mobile device:

  • Add vendors you’d like to pay
  • Link your bank account
  • Request funds
  • Track your funding requests
  • Check your available amount to borrow

Use Working Capital Terms to...

Pay Vendors that don’t accept cards.

“I choose to use Working Capital Terms for vendors that don't take the credit cards. In the past, the businesses that wouldn’t take a credit card, I’d write a check to and I’d put it in the mail, and they’d get it and deposit it and it’s too many steps. With Working Capital Terms, I log onto American Express, click on the icon for Working Capital Terms, choose my vendor, and they’re paid.”

—Verre Eglomise

Stay Equipped.

“Working Capital Terms is a perfect tool to cover expenses for things that hadn’t necessarily been budgeted to support our growth and to support our transformation. It gives us an extra 30 to 90 days for our operations to cover that expense.”


Simplified solution

Save time managing different vendor payment methods with one way to pay them all—even vendors who don’t accept credit cards.

One low cost

Pay only one low fixed fee for each funding request. There’s no collateral, no origination fee, and no hidden costs.*

*Fees are between 0.6% - 1.75% for 30 days, 1.2% - 3.5% for 60 days, or 1.8% -5.25% for 90 days, and are subject to change. Not all customers will be eligible for the lowest fee.

Flexible repayment

Wait to repay until the end of your term—it’s auto-debited—or pay us back sooner at no extra cost. We don’t charge prepayment penalties.

Keep your business moving forward by paying vendors when you need to.

Get set up with no impact to your credit score.

Enroll online by logging into your American Express account. If you have questions, call us Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET at 1‑855‑531‑2364.

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1. Loan activity may be reported to credit bureaus.

2. Program Enrollment. Before you can submit your first loan request, you must submit an application to enroll in the Working Capital Terms program (the Program). Your eligibility to enroll in Working Capital Terms is based on your business having at least 6 months of account history on its American Express Business Card, creditworthiness, and other factors. The six-month account history requirement does not apply to Business Gold Card Members. Corporate Centurion®, Business Centurion®, and/or Centurion® Card Members are not eligible for the Program. We may not approve, or may revoke your ability to submit, an application if there have been any material changes to the financial condition or creditworthiness of you and/or your business or for other reasons permitted under applicable law. If you are the Basic Card Member on more than one Business Card from American Express, you may only enroll one of the businesses in Working Capital Terms. Eligibility for the program is conditioned upon your agreement to use electronic records and signatures, and electronic communication (including email), in the origination and administration of funding requests.

Working Capital Terms Program - Funding Requests. The minimum funding request is $500 and the typical maximum loan amount is $150,000, however, you may be eligible for a larger loan based on our evaluation of your business. To request funds, you must (i) be enrolled in the program; (ii) have identified at least one vendor; and (iii) have linked at least one business bank account. Prior to requesting funds, your vendor must be verified; vendors can be verified in between 1-5 business days. If we approve a funding request, the funds will be automatically sent to the vendor's bank account via ACH within 2 business days. The funds requested will not be sent to you, and can only be requested for U.S.-based vendors. We may refuse to send payments to a vendor on your behalf if we determine the vendor is not eligible to receive payments from us. If we are not able to debit an amount equal to the total amount due for a funding request(s) by the twentieth day after the applicable auto-debit date, we will charge on that date and monthly thereafter, a late payment fee equal to 1.99% of the unpaid balance (including any unpaid late payment fees) until paid in full.

The amount you can borrow and the fee are subject to change. They are based on the overall financial profile of you and your business, including your history with American Express and other financial institutions, your credit record data, and other factors. For your convenience, the amount you can borrow and the fee are always displayed in your Working Capital Terms dashboard. Fees are between 0.6% - 1.75% for 30 days, 1.2% - 3.50% for 60 days, and 1.8% - 5.25% for 90 days and are subject to change. Not all customers will be eligible for the lowest fee.