Around the block, or
around the world,
have someone
in your corner.

When you give a trusted individual access to your account, you have time and freedom to focus on your business–or your life.

Give Account Access to Someone You Trust

What can an Account Manager1 take off your plate?

Save Time

Delegate tasks like making payments and reviewing statements, so you can stay focused on what matters to you.

Stay Secure

Have peace of mind knowing your Account Manager has their own secure login to view your account details online and is authorized to call us on your behalf.

Share Access

Pick someone you trust, like a partner or assistant, to share access with and let them handle specific account responsibilities.

Valuable for every Card Member

Who should your Account Manager be? 

Business Cards
Whether you’re managing a team of 11 or 11,000 - you’ve got business to do. Assign a member of your team to keep track of everything from Employee Cards to expense reports.

Personal Cards
Your closest confidants can be the best advisors. From a partner or spouse to your personal assistant, leave the details of your account up to your hand-selected Account Manager. 

Choose Between Two Levels of Access



I want my Account Manager to act as my proxy.                                  


I want my Account Manager to be able to complete day-to-day tasks on my account.                                                       

View Balance & Make Payments
Review Card Activity

View & Download Statements


Dispute Charges


Check Spend Ability


Add Additional Cards &

Manage Global Limits

Order Replacement Cards X  
View and Redeem Membership Rewards® Points2 X  


Designate Your Account Manager Today